2011 Year in Review

In what will be my last navel gazing for the year (I think), here is the GOOD PARTS version of 2011. It was kind of a crappy year for health for me and for lots of other friends/family. And there has just been a lot of bad stuff happening. But I know there was a lot of really fun things … Continue Reading →

Our Disney Trip, part 4

The figurehead from the Black Pearl on the line for the Hollywood Studios backlot tour:

Our Disney trip, part 3

Saturday morning it was hard to find somewhere to find breakfast. We eventually walked over the Boardwalk and got great egg and cheese croissant sandwiches.

Our Disney Trip, part 2

We headed to Disney and checked in at the Yacht Club. They had a discounted rate and we decided to splurge on a nice hotel. And it was very nice! Our first room had two full sized beds. We hadn’t been asked about getting a king and I guess I just assumed… Anyway, I called the front desk and they … Continue Reading →

Our Disney trip

Here’s a little overview of my Disney vacation! I have lots of photos, but here are a few I liked! We stayed our first night in New Smyrna beach, just because we like it so much there. It’s where we go in June. We stayed in a hotel on the beach that had a great view. Here it is at … Continue Reading →

A few more Christmas/Willow pics

There were taken by my friend Craig, one of our dinner guests:

A few kitty and Christmas pictures

Willow looking comfy on my stack of tshirt quilts:

Look who got a Taun Taun sleeping bag for Christmas!

Willow was pretty indifferent to her presents though. Merry Christmas, everyone!


Here’s my last batch of 365 pics! I love this shot – it’s the remains of fireworks at Epcot, but I think it looks like the Milky Way! Fake Everest Fake Temple of Prayer for Good Harvest

What I’ve been up to… (office decorations, Pittsburgh, etc)

First off, the Simpsons has been really good this season – like, almost as good as it used to be in its prime. Tonight’s had this image of Future London. I want to go to there. And Daleks!


Here’s the last batch of 365 pics:

Pittsburgh and Phipps

Over Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, we went to Phipps, one of my favorite places. I decided to give my new iPhone camera a workout and see how it did. I ended up not using my other camera at all! First for lunch, we went here: Yummy German food!