Pittsburgh and Phipps

Over Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, we went to Phipps, one of my favorite places. I decided to give my new iPhone camera a workout and see how it did. I ended up not using my other camera at all! First for lunch, we went here: Yummy German food!

Amber’s Homecoming

I finally had the chance to upload these pics Christina got from the professional photographer who was on hand when Amber came home from Afghanistan in July (I think?)! Waiting for her flight at BWI:

Holiday Tea

I had such a fun time at our holiday tea at the 18th century Reynold’s Tavern in Annapolis today! isabelladangelo organized it and also present were my mom, who was in my chemise gown, quincy134″, jennylafleur, and librarycat73. Hopefully I typed everyone’s LJ name right! Hollie/librarycat is new in the DC area and had offered to return a book she … Continue Reading →