Pittsburgh and Phipps

Over Thanksgiving in Pittsburgh, we went to Phipps, one of my favorite places. I decided to give my new iPhone camera a workout and see how it did. I ended up not using my other camera at all!

First for lunch, we went here:
Camera Roll-2138

Yummy German food!

Here’s most of the family:
Camera Roll-2139

Doug’s dad’s meal – weisswurst and potato pancakes:
Camera Roll-2140

On to Phipps:
Camera Roll-2143

Camera Roll-2144

Camera Roll-2145

Chinese themed tree:
Camera Roll-2146

Camera Roll-2147

Camera Roll-2148

Camera Roll-2149

Camera Roll-2150

Camera Roll-2151

Camera Roll-2154

Camera Roll-2155

Camera Roll-2156

Camera Roll-2157

Camera Roll-2158

Camera Roll-2159

Camera Roll-2160

Camera Roll-2162

Camera Roll-2164

Camera Roll-2165

Camera Roll-2166

Camera Roll-2167

Camera Roll-2169

Camera Roll-2170

Camera Roll-2173

Camera Roll-2174

Camera Roll-2175

Camera Roll-2176

Camera Roll-2178

Camera Roll-2179

Camera Roll-2180

Camera Roll-2181

Camera Roll-2182

Camera Roll-2183

Camera Roll-2184

Camera Roll-2185

Camera Roll-2186

Camera Roll-2188

Camera Roll-2189

Camera Roll-2191

Camera Roll-2192

Camera Roll-2194

Camera Roll-2196

Camera Roll-2198

Camera Roll-2199

Pretty flowers:
Camera Roll-2200

Camera Roll-2202

Camera Roll-2203

Camera Roll-2204

Camera Roll-2205

Camera Roll-2206

Camera Roll-2208

Camera Roll-2210

Camera Roll-2211

Camera Roll-2213

Camera Roll-2215

Camera Roll-2217

Camera Roll-2218

Camera Roll-2219

Camera Roll-2220

Camera Roll-2221

Camera Roll-2222

Camera Roll-2225

Camera Roll-2226

Camera Roll-2228

Camera Roll-2229

Camera Roll-2230

Camera Roll-2232

Camera Roll-2233

Camera Roll-2234

Camera Roll-2239

Camera Roll-2241

Camera Roll-2242

Camera Roll-2243

Camera Roll-2244

Camera Roll-2246

Camera Roll-2247

Camera Roll-2249

Camera Roll-2251

Camera Roll-2252

Camera Roll-2253

Camera Roll-2254

And a few filtered ones:
Camera Roll-2255

Camera Roll-2256

Camera Roll-2261

Camera Roll-2264

Camera Roll-2265

Camera Roll-2266

Camera Roll-2268

Camera Roll-2269

Camera Roll-2270

Camera Roll-2272