Austin, TX – AAS meeting

Here are a few pics from the actual meeting I was in Austin for:

Northrop JWST booth:
Camera Roll-2610

STScI JWST booth:
Camera Roll-2640
JWST Town Hall:
Camera Roll-2616

An astronaut, Steven Hawley, talks about NASA History. His talk was fun:
Camera Roll-2623

1:4 scale model of Herschel:
Camera Roll-2626

One night we went to the Old Pecan Street Cafe for dinner – the food was SO good. We had a nice group for dinner too, Don, myself, Don’s college friend Jimmy, our old Goddard friend, Laura, who is in Boston now, and Jim, another co-worker that is temporarily at HQ. The theme of last year’s AAS was “Let’s annoy Jimmy by talking about the First Starbucks constantly” – after a prolonged discussion about the movie Dirty Dancing, we decided this year it was “No one puts Jimmy in the corner.” It was a fun night.

This is the etouffee:
Camera Roll-2630

Laura and I split a chocolate dessert and the pecan pie – the pecan pie was to die for. Not normally my fav, but it was really amazing here.
Camera Roll-2633

There’s a lot of glare on it, but I like this painting that was hanging up:
Camera Roll-2632

Camera Roll-2635

Back at the meeting – a cool 3D holographic LSST model:
Camera Roll-2636

Camera Roll-2637

There was a meet and greet for students and John Mather, our Nobel Laureate. He’s such a great guy. And we had a full house:
Camera Roll-2639

Tactile Astronomy:
Camera Roll-2641

Buddy Holly star:
Camera Roll-2649


We tried another BBQ place for dinner – here’s Don rolling his eyes, as per usual, Tom, Jim, and my college friend, Eric:

Here’s what I had. The ribs were kind of fatty. But the mac and cheese was ok and the fried okra was fine, but how much of it can you really eat?

My poster:

My poster was in a good spot, right across from the NASA booth:

They were often showing pretty things on the Hyperwall.


One day I had lunch with Jim at a really great Crepe place:

We split this amazing dessert crepe, which had bananas, caramel sauce, whipped cream and nuts:

I went to a really cool press session on extrasolar planets wherein my college friend Eric presented a really cool planetary system (with rings!) that he discovered:


Neat plants near my hotel:


A Hyperwall demo going on across from my poster:




Dinner that night was at a great Mexican place called “El Sol y La Luna” which was appropriate for astronomers. I didn’t photograph my dinner (which was quite good, a Camerones a la Diabla), here’s my Mojito:

Camera Roll-2643

The view from my hotel again:
Camera Roll-2644

I went back to the crepe place with Don and Tom.

This time I had the Greek one for lunch, which was amazing:



On my last night in Austin, Don and I went to a place Eric pointed out, Chupacapras, which had goat burgers. And goat enchildas. Those were the specialties. I had the burger, he had the enchiladas:

The burger was really good:

We checked out but did not pay to go into the museum of the weird:

Lastly, I’ll say that Facetime was really fun – I was able to talk to Doug and see Willow!

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