Austin, TX – Day 2

Sunday was our sightseeing day and the day before our work meeting started. So my officemate and I decided to check out some things along Lady Bird Lake and in Zilker park.

It was a pretty nice day, not too warm, not too cold. Not really sunny, but hey, it wasn’t raining. The Starbucks in our hotel was out of the sandwiches I wanted, so I dragged Don to a Starbucks that was further afield but still in the general direction we were going.

The guard rails along the lake were kind of neat:
Camera Roll-2537

Camera Roll-2538

Camera Roll-2539

This bridge had cool graffiti:
Camera Roll-2540

Camera Roll-2541

Camera Roll-2542

The crew teams were out all day:
Camera Roll-2544

After A LOT of walking, we ended up at the park – and with the city waaay off in the distance:
Camera Roll-2547

After more walking, we got to the Botanical Gardens:
Camera Roll-2548

Camera Roll-2550

Camera Roll-2551

Camera Roll-2553

Camera Roll-2554

Camera Roll-2555

Camera Roll-2556

Camera Roll-2557

Camera Roll-2603

This cactus wasn’t doing very good – and weirdly was turning to wood:
Camera Roll-2558

Camera Roll-2559

Camera Roll-2560

Camera Roll-2561

Camera Roll-2562

Camera Roll-2563

Camera Roll-2564

Camera Roll-2565

Camera Roll-2566

Camera Roll-2567

Camera Roll-2604

Camera Roll-2568

Camera Roll-2569

Camera Roll-2570

Camera Roll-2571

Camera Roll-2572

Camera Roll-2602

Camera Roll-2573

Camera Roll-2574

Camera Roll-2576

Camera Roll-2577

Camera Roll-2578

Camera Roll-2579

Camera Roll-2580

Camera Roll-2581

Camera Roll-2582

Camera Roll-2583

Camera Roll-2584

Camera Roll-2585

Camera Roll-2586

Camera Roll-2587

Camera Roll-2588

Camera Roll-2589

Next was the Wildlife refuge:
Camera Roll-2590

Camera Roll-2591

Camera Roll-2592

Camera Roll-2593

The animals here were all rescues and couldn’t be in the wild for one reason or the other. Sometimes because of injuries.

A coati:
Camera Roll-2594

I call the big one “Bitey”:
Camera Roll-2595

Camera Roll-2596

Camera Roll-2597

A raven:
Camera Roll-2598

It’s a good thing Don doesn’t speak Parseltongue!
Camera Roll-2601

Camera Roll-2602

Camera Roll-2603

Camera Roll-2604

Camera Roll-2605

Camera Roll-2607

This was a “scenic view”. I’m not sure of what.
Camera Roll-2608

Next up, more walking, and a late lunch at a cafe.
Camera Roll-2609

Camera Roll-2610

Camera Roll-2611

Back to the park:
Camera Roll-2612

It’s a big rock!
Camera Roll-2614

Wow, the city is so far away. :-/
Camera Roll-2615

Camera Roll-2605

Next we checked out Barton Springs, a pool filled by an aquafer that is always about 68 degrees winter and summer.
Camera Roll-2616

Camera Roll-2617

Camera Roll-2618

There was a tiny train which I talked myself out of riding.
Camera Roll-2620

After not riding the train, we walked down by the pool and then over and across and out the other side:
Camera Roll-2621

Camera Roll-2622

On the other side of the pool was a sculpture garden. It was kind of interesting.
Camera Roll-2623

Camera Roll-2624

Camera Roll-2625

Camera Roll-2626

Camera Roll-2627

Camera Roll-2629

Camera Roll-2630

Yes, it’s a running thing, the pointing at stuff. :-)
Camera Roll-2631

After that was the walk back towards the hotel.
Camera Roll-2633

I loved this graffiti:
Camera Roll-2634

Camera Roll-2648

yay, back among the tall buildings!
Camera Roll-2635

Whereupon we found the Stevie Ray Vaughn statue!
Camera Roll-2636

Camera Roll-2637

Camera Roll-2638

Camera Roll-2601

Camera Roll-2646

Camera Roll-2647

Camera Roll-2639

After 20 minutes at the hotel to patch up my blisters I helped with the setting up of the Fermi booth for the meeting.

The reception was that evening too, but by the time we got back to the hotel after setting up, it was raining and I was tired and then I ran into my college friend, Kurtis, at the Starbucks. We started catching up and then ended up skipping the reception to have dinner at the hotel’s TFI Fridays (because it was easy). It was really fun! After dinner, it was bedtime because it had been a long day and the meeting was starting the next day!