Epic LA trip, Fabric!

Back to the LA travelogue!

So after Huntington Gardens, Loren and I headed for the Garment District.

We passed this:

Yep, that’s where Leonard and Sheldon live. You know, if they were real.

Ah, fabric.

And then this happened:

I’d gotten a lead on the exact fabric for one of Effie’s outfits from the Hunger Games and I have a friend who wanted to do the costume. But right before the trip, I heard that Michael Levine sold out of the fabric. But L and I decided to look anyway. We parked the car, walked through a store to get out of the little mall we’d parked in, and right by the door, I spotted the above fabric. It looked pretty exact to us!

We double checked Michael Levine – no luck there (though both of us found some awesome sale silk – I got this great sheer stripe that I’m really excited about), and two other stores we wanted to look in were closed, so we headed back to look at the Effie fabric again. We compared it to the photo of the costume, counting leaves and flowers and sure enough, it matched! After seeing how much fabric was on the bolt, we got the yardage B wanted, 6 yds for L, and I took the 5+ that was left! I have no immediate plans to do this costume, but you don’t turn down an exact fabric match – especially for $5/yd! So basically we bought the entire roll of fabric!

After that, since the other stores we wanted to go to were closed, we headed to Chinatown!

We needed a snack so we got bubble tea and mini spring rolls. We kept forgetting to take a picture of the two of us in the nice places we were at – but we have one of us at the bubble tea place – with the bathroom in the background! :-/

Next we hit some stores.

I thought of when I saw this:

It was ginormous, or I would have bought it! :-)

And for Koji:

Giant pink robot:

This place had such cool folded paper stuff!

I wanted these paper cosmos because I love cosmos, but they weren’t for sale! :-(



Then we headed to a store that had all kinds of awesome stuff, like fans, masks, jewelry, silk purses and more! I got quite a haul of stuff!

After that, we headed back to L’s to meet her family, and Doug and our college friend Joe, for dinner!

Passing this:

Oh, look – the Pasadena Cheesecake Factory! Think Penny is working tonight?

We had a great dinner at Il Fornaio – the gnocci dish I ended up having was SO good!

In the window of Goldbug. I don’t even…

After dinner, L and her husband (who was awesome and really fun to hang out with), Doug and I played another board game. This time, Betrayal at the House on the Hill. It was really fun!

Here’s my haul:

Next post will be: LA Arboretum!