A few more Disney Princess Half Marathon pics

These are from Meredith’s photo CD! Me and Kayli: Breakfast at ‘Ohana’s

Phipps Conservatory, part 1

Here are a few highlights from my Easter trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh:

Our plumbing odyssey is finished!

A few weeks ago, we sprang a leak in our hot water line. Which is buried beneath the cement slab of our house. Because that’s how houses are designed here. It was a bit of a hard job to get a plumber we liked, and then to get one we liked to fit us in. Ultimately I got a rec … Continue Reading →

Photo post

I’ve got a bunch of pics I’ve been meaning to post, so here they are! This appeared outside Ed’s office, which I think is so funny!


I really like this pic I took a month or so ago:

So this happened…

No, not my photo. Or the view I had. But Discovery did fly right over us! I don’t have a digital SLR so my pics aren’t great, but I got a few. :-) A beautiful but sad sight. Bittersweet as so many others have said.

Annular Eclipse trip – May 10, 1994

I got a new little scanner so I thought I would scan in some older photos. This is the trip the Penn State Astronomy Club trip to see the annular eclipse in May of 1994. Two days after finals, we all met up at a motel in Ohio. The guys stayed in a motel, and me and Alison stayed at … Continue Reading →

Epic LA Trip, Big Bang Theory

When we planned this trip to the Big Bang Theory for the taping, we also wanted to interview some other people associated with the show. Apparently talking to the executive producer like we did last time, no problem. Talking to anyone else? Have to go through the publicity people. Who replied right away saying talking to David was no problem … Continue Reading →


These tulips I put in turned out to be really pretty. I also like this one – they’re the same tulips.

Epic LA Trip, Northrop Grumman

Ok, back to the travelogue. Doug and I started Tuesday morning out at the cafe across from our hotel. I’d gotten the best bacon, egg and cheese bagel EVER there the last time I was in town. And it was on my checklist to have one this time. It was delicious: