Phipps Conservatory, part 1

Here are a few highlights from my Easter trip to Phipps Conservatory in Pittsburgh:

Our plumbing odyssey is finished!

A few weeks ago, we sprang a leak in our hot water line. Which is buried beneath the cement slab of our house. Because that’s how houses are designed here. It was a bit of a hard job to get a plumber we liked, and then to get one we liked to fit us in. Ultimately I got a rec … Continue Reading →

Photo post

I’ve got a bunch of pics I’ve been meaning to post, so here they are! This appeared outside Ed’s office, which I think is so funny!


I really like this pic I took a month or so ago:

So this happened…

No, not my photo. Or the view I had. But Discovery did fly right over us! I don’t have a digital SLR so my pics aren’t great, but I got a few. :-) A beautiful but sad sight. Bittersweet as so many others have said.