Annular Eclipse trip – May 10, 1994

I got a new little scanner so I thought I would scan in some older photos. This is the trip the Penn State Astronomy Club trip to see the annular eclipse in May of 1994. Two days after finals, we all met up at a motel in Ohio. The guys stayed in a motel, and me and Alison stayed at Petch’s family’s house. Petch graduated before I got to PSU but Doug was good friends with her, and since she lived in the area, she came along on the trip.

The next day we drove out to Cleveland and ended up at this beautiful park on Lake Erie. It had this huge beach and Bill, Mike, and I ran out to go look at the water. Mike was Doug’s grad school roommate.

Me, Bill and Mike

Bill, me, and Mike

This was the first place we tried, but the skies weren't good.


Glen – it turns out he lived near where I did in NJ so we used to carpool back and forth to school. Once Glen, his dad, another friend and I got stuck on Rt 80 during a snowstorm because they were plowing. It took us 4 hours to get what was usually an hour from school. We got through all 99 beer bottles. We finally were able to get off the highway. We stopped at a Wendy’s and ordered baked potatoes and 16 breaksticks.



Chris – we were in the same major and he was one of my BFF’s in undergrad.

We saw a huge storm moving towards us over the water, so we hopped in the cars and drove east. As we drove, we saw the storm pass us:
A storm moving in - time to hit the road for a place with clear skies!

We ended up at another park, further east, also on the lake. It was really beautiful.
Scenery in the area

Scenery in the area

Scenery in the area

Scenery in the area

Scenery in the area

Scenery in the area


We set up the scopes with an H alpha filter and we also had welder’s glass.

Pete and Jody setting up:
Pete and Jody

Doug with his scope:
Doug with his scope

Bill and Glen projecting the eclipse onto their hands with binoculars:
Bill and Glen projecting the eclipse onto their hands.

The eclipse itself was really cool – everything looked eerie, as if in a shadow. The edges of shadows themselves looked more distinct. And underneath trees you could see crescent projections of the sun.

Doug O. (there were actually 3 Dougs in the Astro Club, which is a little weird.) projecting the eclipse with his binocular.
Projecting the eclipse through binoculars

Our set-up:
Our telescopes set up

Me checking out the eclipse through welder’s glass:
Me checking out the eclipse through welder's glass

Pete holding up the welder’s glass so I could get a shot through it:
Photo through welder's glass

Leaf pinhole cameras:
he trees make pinhole cameras!

he trees make pinhole cameras!

he trees make pinhole cameras!

The trees make pinhole cameras!

Here’s the sun and the moon at annularity!
Projecting the eclipse through binoculars.

And a group photo of the club!
The Penn State Astronomy Club