Another photo post (Angry Birds [the game, not the real bird], 4th of July redux, BNL concert & more)

Two photo posts in one day! I guess I’m still playing catchup! The 4th of July fireworks in the local town of Laurel were held on the 7th. My officemate lives 100 yds practically from where they were doing them, so we did our usual dinner/fireworks/game night at his place. Steve and Mindy’s kids are getting so big and they’re … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to (more Angry Birds, guitar, Ringo, etc)

Yet still more Angry Birds. Nothing we’ve done has dissuaded our poor demented cardinal (we named him Rusty) from continuing to attack our Window. I think it’s reflecty enough that he can’t see anything we’ve put on the inside. People don’t scare him. Shapes in the window don’t scare him, etc. And it’s 2 stories up so there’s not much … Continue Reading →

That was quite a storm!

As lots of you probably know, we had a huge storm on Friday June 29th that moved east very quickly from the mid-west – and then hit the wall of hot humid air we had sitting over us. I think the result was even worse than the hurricane damage last year. :-( (At least for the hurricane, they knew it … Continue Reading →