Warsaw – the loot!

I forgot to post about all the cool stuff I picked up in Poland. I’ll confess that I do love to buy souvenirs – something to say I went to that country or place. Sometimes postcards suffice. But since Poland is known for amber, I wanted something amber. And also there were nesting dolls everywhere, and I have a small collection of them, I had to get some of those too. So here is what I bought:

I got this nesting doll in Krakow, from an admittedly tacky tourist cart in the market square. I had like 5 minutes while everyone was milling around outside the restaurant after lunch and I ran over to look at what they had and got this. I saw one like it for double back in Warsaw, so I think it was a good price. It was about $16.


I got two of these, one for me, one for mom in Old Town Warsaw. The biggest one is only 2.5 or 3″ high. The tiniest one is so small, it’s practically like a pinhead!



I just thought this one was pretty.

I also got this Christmas themed one!

I got a couple of amber hearts (they’re bigger than real life here):

Two little wood carvings also from someone in Old Town. A couple of dollars each..

I got this embroidered bag which is perfect for costume stuff. It’s really pretty!

And I got these two little bags too: