Busy but awesome weekend

We had a bunch of people in town this weekend for a couple of different races. Our friends John and Beth were here to do the Run For Your Lives zombie 5k obstacle course with Doug, and our friend Conley was in town to run her first marathon – the Marine Corps Marathon.

John and Beth came Friday night and we got to catch up with them for a bit til everyone had to go to bed since they all had to get up early.

They all had a good time at the race though, and Beth was the only survivor! Which made John a little angry (not really) because he’d been chased down by a zombie for his last of three flags, and then the zombie gave to Beth in exchange for a hug. It was pretty funny. No pics from the actual race since their cameras/phones would have been ruined from the water and mud. But here are a few from after:

Before the race:

The walking undead:

And Beth with her surviving flag:

Conley was on her own, so she came over at lunchtime and we went out for pizza. Then we hung out and watched new Downton Abbey episodes obtained by a friend, until the others came home. We were expected them around 2 or 3, but the lines for their bags and such were long and they all had to shower mud off and eat, so they didn’t get home til 5:30 or so.

They all just had time to shower and then it was off to meet other friends for dinner at Saigon Noodle House, one of our fav restaurants. We had a big group for dinner and then most of them came over to the house for games. We only played one game, mostly we were just hanging out and catching up with John and Beth. And then we ended things a little early because we had to get up early to cheer for Conley in DC!

Beth did make us a cake though – it’s supposed to look like a caramel apple, but the caramel melted on the drive down. It still tasted amazing though!

Willow happily enjoyed some attention from Craig:

She was very happy having her ear scratched:

Sunday we got up early and left the house at around 7:30am. John and Beth headed to go wander Silver Spring and then meet up with a friend. We metroed to Smithsonian and then headed for Mile Marker 11.



We wandered through DC, which was nice. It was a little chilly, but comfortable for walking and the rain held off! We’d told Conley where to spot us and we had a big neon green sign for her, so we met up without much trouble. After some quick hugs, she ran off and we headed for Mile 16.

Here’s Conley at Mile 16, still looking strong!


She got a shot of us too:

Mile 16.5 was just a few feet away, so we crossed the street and managed to catch her again.

Mile 19.5 wasn’t far, so we surprised Conley there.

Then we headed off towards the end of the race. We went through a whole bunch of monuments on the way and scarfed down giant hot dogs.

WWII Memorial:



The Lincoln Memorial:





We were able to surprise Conley also at mile 25.5 and then we headed for Family Meet-up.

We passed Arlington National Cemetery:



After a lot of walking,we finally found Family Meet-up and Conley.



And the three of us:

After that, we headed to Chipotle for food, since it was right nearby. We were able to get food and seats pretty quickly. We were there for a while but the line for the metro was still a half hour long, so we walked up to Courthouse. We had a wait a while for a train since it wasn’t rush hour, but we finally got one. We didn’t get back til after 5pm.

Conley came over later for dinner and then we watched The Amazing Race and then more Downton Abbey.

She left at 7 this morning to try to beat the worst of the weather – she was heading south and she got home fine. I stayed up because I didn’t know when or if the power would go off what with the hurricane, and I wanted to take advantage of the power being on and not having to go to work today!

More pics here:

Anyway, it was a great weekend!

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