Disney Halloween 2012 – Saturday

Saturday was race day. Or rather night. The race wasn’t until 10 pm. Unfortunately, it was another hot one. We planned to spend the day checking out the Food & Wine festival, then some rest, perhaps pool time, and then the race. We’ll see how well that worked out.

First up, a few pics of the pool, which is one of the most awesome things about the Yacht/Beach clubs. It’s sandy-bottomed and huge.





We started our eating around the world with New Zealand, and this scallop and red curry. It was amazing and one of our favorite dishes:

We skipped over Morocco, Singapore, Japan, and Florida Local for various reasons (long lines, among other things), but luckily we got back to most of those later.

We did try the clam chowder and Lobster Roll in American Town. They were very good:

We also skipped over Italy for now and went right to Poland. I was excited for the Pierogies and Kielbasa and they were yummy.

That’s about where we met up with Janine and Ron. It was nice getting some time hanging out with them!

Amber, Christina and Conley also joined us, but they were coming from the opposite direction, so they started eating their way around the world from the other side and we met up with them somewhere around China.

Anyway, here is Germany. Delicious apple strudel, and sausage on pretzel bread. And Doug got a beer sampler. I’m not a big beer drinker, but the Schofferhofer Grapefruit beer was awesome.

I didn’t take a picture, but the Seared filet of beef with smashed sweet potatoes and braai suace from South Africa was quite good.

The lettuce wrap from South Korea (roast pork and kimchi slaw) was awesome and one of our favs:

Then we hit China. It was really hot by this point and Ron contemplated a hat:

We waited in a long hot line for the food here, but the food was really awesome. We pretty much tried one of everything and we all ended up sharing because we’re a big happy family. Who now share all the same germs. ;-) In China, they had Mongolian Beef in a Steamed Bun, Pork Potstickers, Chicken Satay with Spiced Peanut sauce, and Mango Tapioca Pudding (which was one of my fav desserts). No pics, though I got one the next day.

By this point we were all really hot so we decided it was time to ride Maelstrom and get some air conditioning. The line wasn’t super short, but that just meant more time in the AC! We didn’t quite squeeze everyone in the group pic:

Here, Conley and Ron pinky swear that they won’t stand up on the ride this time!

Since Conley, Amber, and Christina had already done Mexico, they headed off to FutureWorld for a bit.

The food in Mexico was really good – Beef taco, crispy shrimp taco, and another favorite dessert, Natilla de Cajeta, which was almost like dulce de leche. So good!

Nom Nom:


We cruised through Australia (shrimp on the barbie, which was ok), Argentina (Grilled beef skewer with chimichurri sauce – so good! and Beef empanada, ok, spicy), and the Baribbean (ropa vieja that was ok). All that was left on that side was the Vegan place, which I was fine with skipping, since by this time we were also all very full. And very hot.

We were supposed to meet back up with Conley, Christina, and Amber back at Paris. But Janine was starting to not feel well, so she and Ron went back to rest. Doug was deployed to go meet the girls in FutureWorld and drive back to the Yacht Club with them so they could get in the gate, and I walked back to the Yacht Club (only a 10 minute walk from Epcot) by myself, which was fine, because I got some gift shop time in without anyone waiting on me. I managed to find the Star Wars pin I wanted (there were two mystery pins per box, but they all have different shapes, so if you feel them, you can sort of tell what’s in the box), for one thing.


It took a while for the others to catch up to me, so I also got a nap in!
Conley, Christina, and Amber came to our room and we all played Cards Against Humanity which was hi-larious. I will never think of a pool of children’s tears the same way again. It was really awesome and so much fun.

We were so involved in the game we didn’t realize it had gotten late and we needed something small for dinner. We found that there was actually a “marketplace” all the way over in the Beach Club. They had sandwiches and pizza though, so we trooped down there, and got our food to go. The racers just barely had time to eat and change before going down to the lobby to meet Janine and Ron, and Meredith and family. Ultimately it was decided that the non-runners (me, Christina (who has an injury), Larry and Kayli) would not bus over with them as we wouldn’t be able to get into the park til 10.

So we went back up to our room to hang out. It was really fun chatting with Larry and Christina, and Kayli was tired and sacked out. So much so that Karry ended up just taking her back to their room and stayed in for the night. It’s just as well, it was SO hot out, even once it got dark. It was super humid. Not great race conditions.

We went on the balcony to take in the view and the moon and we lasted about 5 minutes:

Eventually Larry took Kayli off and Christina and I found a bus, which was empty but for us. We were slightly too late though to catch our friends at the start because the bus let us off really far away. So we just missed them. After we’d walked a lot and realized that we’d missed them anyway, we decided it was time for Tower of Terror. It looked really cool all lit up for Halloween:



I used to hate freefall rides. I had a childhood friend who made me ride a terrifying freefall ride at Great Adventure in NJ in the late 80s, with the logic that I couldn’t say I didn’t like it if I’d never been on it. I didn’t like it and never rode another freefall ride again. And after that girl had her legs sliced off on one of those freefall carnival rides, I knew I had chosen correctly. But everyone always says how much fun Tower of Terror is. But I skipped out on riding it til the Princess the year before last, when everyone went on it. And there were all these little kids going on it, and I figured I should try it. And I did liked it! And wanted to go on again right away! And then promptly forgot I wasn’t scared of it anymore and the next time we were at Disney, I dreaded going on it all day. Til I got on it and wanted to go on again immediately! I pretty much do this every time now, but I think the “remembering I actually like it” is starting to stick. Although I will note, that I kind of felt tired and nauseated when we got to Hollywood Studios. Until we rode ToT. Felt fine (ok, still tired) after that. We got a really good ride too – the ride basically randomly drops and lifts you so it’s never the same. We had a couple of long drops, and including an extra one where we though the ride was over and then it sent us all the way up and down again! We got off and then got right back on. The ride was less intense. But still fun.

We decided by this time that we might be able to catch our friends at the finish line within the half hour, so we headed to try to find a spot to watch.

We had a nice view of the ToT from there:

We managed to see Janine cross and got her to spot us (it was super loud where we were) but we somehow missed Doug entirely. And Conley. But we saw Meredith. Amber and Ron (both injured) were walking the race, but at a really fast clip. After much confusion over where family meet-up was, we managed to meet up with everyone else and we caught the two of them right before the finish.

After we found them, we found a piece of sidewalk to crash on. Everyone was exhausted, especially the runners because it was so hot and humid that a lot of them were really feeling the heat. It didn’t help that we’d already gotten a lot of sun earlier in the day.

There was supposed to be a party post-race, but mostly the streets were full of people sprawled out, recovering from the race. Or people throwing up. Lovely. I did have this nice view of the moon and a palm tree though!

After a rest, we all worked up the energy to try to go on a ride. Except Janine, who didn’t feel well, and went back, and Amber, who decided to stay sitting. The rest of us finally went on ToT again. After we stopped at a gift shop so Doug could get a dry shirt.

We all managed to get seats across the back. Terrible picture. I’m yawning. Meredith, has a terrified smile on her face (she was a good sport about going on and didn’t even say anything, until we were on it and right before the first drop, I heard her say, “I don’t want to be on this anymore!”).


After that we were all so tired that despite the park being open til like 4am, we all headed back to the hotel. By this time it was pretty late, so I guess we got back sometime between 2 and 3 am.

Most everyone was leaving the next day except Amber and Meredith/family, so we had to say some goodbyes.