Disney Halloween 2012 – Sunday & Monday

Sunday was another hot one, but it was our last chance for the Food & Wine festival, so we persevered, and decided to see how much we could stuff ourselves before we got heat stroke.

We started going the other way around the world, to the part we hadn’t gotten to and finished with countries we’d skipped.

First up was the lobster and seafood fisherman’s Pie in Ireland, which was really good. Then Cheddar Cheese soup and Chicken Chipotle Sausage with sweet Corn Polenta and “Minus 8” onion jam from Canada. It was awesome, but I’m sad we didn’t also tried the Filet Mignon with Truffle Butter sauce. I think we missed something good there. Next year!

In Greece, we tried the griddled Greek cheese with Pistachios and honey and the Spanakopita. I might also mention that there isn’t a lot of shade at Epcot, so it was about trying to find whatever corner of shade you could.

We skipped over Dessert and Champagne, since the previous day (I forgot to mention) I did try a tiny Dark Chocolate Mousse with Chili and Salted Caramel. It was good, but not dark enough.

We skipped Hawaii, since the previous day, Ron had tried the pork slider and said it was just ok. By this time, we were full and really hot, so we decided a visit to Spaceship Earth was in order.




During our walk back towards the hotel, we stopped at China and got more of the beef on steamed buns, potstickers, and that awesome tapioca pudding!


We headed back to the room after that to rest as we were really wiped from the heat. Amber was out and about by this time, we waited for her and then headed down to the pool to bring our core temperatures down:

The pool was wonderful and it was really nice getting to hang out with Amber and chat. It was very peaceful and restful.

After we were pooled out, we changed and headed back to Epcot for dinner. Amber was meeting some friends, but she had First Dinner with us. We were tired and lazy so we took the water taxi for a change:


The Yacht Club:

Beach Club and pirate ship:

We continued our eating back at Paris, with Coq au vin sur Gratin de Macaroni. It was pretty awesome. Unlike the creme brulee we’d had as our last dish the previous day (which I forgot to mention, it was disappointing).

Next was Belgium for steamed mussels in beer broth (ok), Belgian waffles with berry compote and whipped cream (awesome), and chocolates.


Next up, New Zealand, where Doug and I each got our own scallop since we’d liked them so much the day before.


And then Morocco – the Kefta Pocket was great, the sausage just ok. The baklava very good.

At this point we said goodbye to Amber, who went to meet her friend. She made it on a water taxi right when it started to rain. But then had to walk in the rain on the other end. Especially once she realized that the specified meeting place was not where she thought it was and had to come all the way back. When the rain looked imminent, I sent Doug back to Morocco to get us seats and I stayed at Singapore to get our food. It just came when the rain did also, so I whipped out the plastic poncho, put it on, grabbed the food, put it under the poncho and hustled back in the rain to Morocco. It rained really hard! But the poncho worked mostly. From Singapore, we got the Beef Rendang with Jasmine Rice (good) and the seared Mahi Mahi with Jasmine Rice and “Singa” sauce, which was delicious and one of our favorites.

This is the only pic we got of it:

The beef rendang:


The rain finally let up and from Japan we got Sukiyaki Beef Pan, which was great. And we ended our night (very full) in Italy for great ravioli with melted cheese on it and cannoli. It rained at least two more times (once we holed up in Japan), so we headed back to the hotel. We got there in time for The Amazing Race – and also the Epcot fireworks:




The next morning we were up early and had to say goodbye. Sunrise:



Sunrise in Fake Paris:


And goodbye Yacht Club room!

Hidden Mickey:

Delaware Memorial Bridge off in the distance: