First Aid Kit

So a while ago I stumbled across this video. I fell in love with the song (and I love the video too!) and I started listening to the group. They’re Swedish sisters and are called “First Aid Kit”.

They played a show in DC at the Synagogue at 6th and I, which is a magical venue. The acoustics are awesome. I saw KT Tunstall there with Doug and and we all went to this show as well.

Here’s the ceiling:

After the show they did a signing and took pictures with anyone who wanted one. I chatted with Klara (the one with bangs) about guitar and she asked the name of my band and if we wrote original songs, which was awesome. I ended up giving the merch guy a few of our cards to pass on. :-) The girls were super nice and they gave a great show. Also, they are very tall.


Two pics:


Here are two small clips from the show. They did one song unplugged and had the audience sing along. I only caught a small part of it:

And they really rocked out at the end of the show. I think this was the end of “The Lion’s Roar”:

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