365 – October

And the end of the my 365 project, October! I’d like to do another one, but I think I need a break. :-)

365 – September

Here is September’s 365. I had some days when I didn’t get a great shot, but I like a lot of these.


While in Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving, we went on the Incline, something I’d never done before, despite having been in city many times. We went to the Aviary afterwards, which was pretty cool. I had a bird take a worm from my hand! We stopped at Phipps on our way home. Here are some pics from the weekend. Heinz Stadium, where … Continue Reading →

365 – August

Moving on with my 365, here’s August:

Georgian Picnic weekend, the non-picnic parts

So, as you saw, I was lucky enough to get to go to Texas for the DFWCG Georgian picnic. My dad was nice enough to use his frequent flyer miles on my ticket and was nice enough to let me stay with her, so the weekend basically just cost me the cost of airport parking. Which was very cool. The … Continue Reading →

More Georgian Picnic

Cynthia and her husband both posted their Flickr sets (Christopher’s are a selection of Cynthia’s, punched up for color). I loved every single pic! And it made me happy all over again to see them. Look at this one – it’s our group shot. And we posed in chronological order. As you do. Here are a few more pics from … Continue Reading →

Georgian Picnic

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Dallas Forth Worth Costume Guild’s Georgian picnic. We had a gorgeous day and everyone looked wonderful. It was so fun to see new and old friends, and especially to meet Merja, who came all the way out from Finland.

Regency Pumpkin Tea

Recently I went to a Pumpkin tea hosted by Stephanie and her mother. The food was awesome, the decorations were beautiful, and everyone looked amazing! Here are some photos! (Gloria’s pic)

A sampling of fall pictures…

Here’s my usual What I’ve Been Up To, but mostly it’s flower and fall photo pictures. With a few snakes in there for fun. I’ll put them behind the cut.

365 – July

Here are July’s 365 images!

Halloween 2012

Here are a few pics from the Halloween party I went to this year. A very few. Doug and I in our Star Trek costumes: Doug with our friend’s daughter. She has a Star Trek costume too, though she wasn’t wearing it here, but she wanted a picture with Doug! Self portrait:

365 – June

Here is June’s 365 images: