Christmas at the Office and Shopping in DC

So in my last post where I told how we stole Alex and Joe’s full-sized office Christmas tree (and they didn’t notice for 3 hours), I mentioned (I think) that Alex replaced the tree with a large branch. We draped lights on it. Very festive. The snowflakes on our door were made like 15 years ago, back when my office was in the basement of Building 2 and we had a snowflake party and used them to decorate the hallways. I saved them because some of them were really pretty.


One of our sys admins brought balutes to the Christmas potluck. No thank you. (A balute is basically a duck egg with the baby duck still in it.)


Here’s a better shot of two of the office doors down the hall that went all out.

There’s another door that as a 3D snowman on it made of styrofoam cups. I took a pic of it, but haven’t uploaded it yet.

Doug and I did our annual museum death march in DC to hit all gift shops to shop for his family. We hadn’t had time to shop yet because he had a paper due and had been spending all of his time on it. But we only have til next weekend. Anyway, we hit the National Gallery – wherein I had to of course see Marie Antoinette. And a couple of other ladies.

I like her dress:


Here’s MA!

The back facade of the National Gallery:

I love this mermaid handled vase in the rococo room:

We next ate lunch at the Museum of the American Indian. They have a good cafeteria that has interesting things from different regions.

This is a pork tamale and some sort of sweet potato:

Mine had a breaded yucca patty (which was quite good) covered with shrimp, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.

The Museum front:

Next we headed next door to Air & Space.

This is part of the Stardust spacecraft, which captured dust from a comet.

It did so by using aerogel, which is an extremely light substance that is mostly air. It’s the glowy blue/white cube:

The Pioneer pathfinder:

Apollo 11 capsule:

I got this author’s book signed for my Dad:

The Capitol and the Christmas tree:

And our last stop, the Natural History Museum:

Easter Island statue. (Anyone remember The Critic? The Easter Island kid?)

A view of the Ocean Hall:

I like this little girl ogling the Hope Diamond:

The rotunda:

And that’s about all I’ve got for now!

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