So this happened today…

That’s me and friend/co-worker Amber wearing bunny suits in the big cleanroom at Goddard. Neither of us had ever been in there before and we were super excited! We’re standing on the big scaffold that will be used for putting JWST’s mirrors onto the supportive backplane (a test piece of which you can see behind us, the black latticed structure). … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… (Christmas stuff, New Year’s, Willow, a concert, fabric)

The view from the Millard E. Tidings bridge in MD. It’s exactly an hour from home. I mentioned a while ago that people down the hall from us at work were decorating their doors for Christmas. These people did a 3D snowman out of styrofoam cups. It was really really cool.

Disney Marathon Weekend

We recently took a short trip to Disney for Marathon weekend. Doug, Amber, and Jess were running the half, my friend Meredith was running her first full marathon, and Caitlin, Amber, Jess, and Ron were also running the full. Actually Ron and Jess and Amber were all running the Goofy, which is when you run the half marathon and then … Continue Reading →