Here are a few pics and stories from SXSW. The jist of what we were doing as NASA and JWST are in my blogs for Blueshift: But here are a few more things. A view of Baltimore from the air: The waffle wasn’t great, but it is in the shape of Texas! Our first day there (Friday) … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half Marathon – Sunday and Monday

Sunday morning we were up really early again to cheer for the half marathon runners. Amber’s shoulder was really hurting (she reinjured an old injury) so she didn’t run, and I tell you, I was never so happy to see her in my life as that morning. Because little Kayli had taken to her and with Mommy gone in the … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half Marathon – Saturday

Saturday morning was up early to cheer for our friends in the 5k. Since it’s a short race, we saw them at the start and finish. I like this pic of the start of Corral A: We didn’t realize it, but Sean Astin ran both races this weekend to get his coast to coast medal, which is cool. We saw … Continue Reading →

Disney Princess Half Marathon – Thursday, Friday

As has become our yearly tradition, we joined friends in Florida to cheer for the Disney Princess Half marathon. The group goes to support Mel, a costumer friend who has ALS. You can read more about her and Fiver’s Flamingos here: A bunch of us stayed in the Polynesian this year – we got a good group rate and … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… March

So I have a few photos from the last few months – the big thing, as I mentioned before was all the work my band did to finish our first album, which came out Feb 1st. I’m still really excited about it – and thank you again to those of you who have supported us and said nice things. It … Continue Reading →