Disney Princess Half Marathon – Saturday

Saturday morning was up early to cheer for our friends in the 5k. Since it’s a short race, we saw them at the start and finish.

I like this pic of the start of Corral A:


We didn’t realize it, but Sean Astin ran both races this weekend to get his coast to coast medal, which is cool. We saw him but didn’t realize it. We cheered for the Ariel he was running with. :-)

Michelle’s pic of us cheering – and all on our cell phones waiting for our friends to get to the finish:

After the race we were starving and at ALL THE THINGS at Captain Cooks:

Oh, here’s Janine’s pic of Sean Astin:


Another beautiful day!

After everyone was fed and showered, a bunch of us headed for Epcot.

Amber’s pass got demagnitized so while we waited we got in line for Michelle’s favorite, Goofy:

Amber got back in time to be in the picture – and she got a fast pass for 6 for her trouble.

We went on Test Track first thing (with the fast pass)- this time we designed our own car. I still like the older ride better. Oh well. But Conley and I had a kickass car.

We had lunch in Mexico and then hit the Three Cabelleros. Here’s the marketplace inside the pyramid:


Group pic fail! (we only caught Christina’s eye):

Mickey shadows:


We stopped for a snack in Norway after riding Maelstrom.

Doug and I split a schoolbread:

I was excited because I used my one word of Norwegian (thank you) on the girl at the cash register and she gave me a big surprised smile and said “you’re welcome” back in Norwegian. :D

I didn’t get a picture but after this we waited by Test Track for our fast passes and I was able to meet up with who was at Disney with a group of friends. We’d missed each other all weekend an it just turned out that we were both near Test Track so we were able to meet! I haven’t seen her since DragonCon many years ago. It was really fun to see her again!

Then was Test Track again – our car was also awesome:



Amber gave up her fast pass so Kayli could go again. Kayli really likes this ride:

When we got back to the room, we saw this:

We were only at the rooms a few minutes and then we had to hurry over to our early dinner reservation at Portobello at Downtown Disney. (Carb loading for our racers!)

Here’s a group pic of our whole group:

After dinner some of us played a game of Cards Against Humanity and then it was early to bed because we were getting up at 5:15 again (cheerers) and even earlier for the racers!