What I’ve Been Up To (April)

Here’s a bunch of pics, including a lot of spring flowers, cupcakes, and some pics of Willow. Here we go! Our crocuses started blooming pretty early this year and we had a lot of them. I love crocuses.

A few more Disney Princess Half pics

My friend Meredith got her photopass pics back and she’d added a few of the pics of Doug and I on Everest to them. I found the first one really funny because during the backwards part of the ride, I had a deathgrip on the bar behind my head. The second time I had my hands up. Here’s Conley and … Continue Reading →

Cherry Blossoms in DC

I’ve been meaning to post these for a while, and thought I would do it now. Doug and I went into DC to see the cherry blossoms. We don’t make it there every year (the window to see them is pretty small), but we thought we’d make an effort this time. We started out near the Jefferson where there are … Continue Reading →