What I’ve been up to… August

So Willow doesn’t normally react to the TV, but she was very taken with this show on Leopards. Weird looking moth:

Jane Austen Ball

  • By M@ggie
  • August 11, 2013
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I went to the Jane Austen ball at Gadsbys Tavern in Alexandria, VA with some friends last night. It was SO fun!  I decided not to make something new, but get another wearing out of my open robe and sari gown, since I really like it but have only worn it once.  I finally did regency hair I’m happy with, … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to… July/August (lots of butterflies and corpse flower pics)

So when we last left off, the corpse flower at the Botanic Gardens in DC had not quite bloomed yet. The corpse flower, if you recall, blooms infrequently for a very short time, and smells like rotting meat for the first 12 hours or so. It’s also like 8 feet tall. The one at the US Botanic Gardens, by the … Continue Reading →