So that’s pretty much it for Longwood Gardens. Except for this: After the gardens we headed into Philly to meet up with Betsy and two of her friends for dinner. We met at Spasso’s which is by the water and the old town area. The food was amazing. The gnocci with asparagus was some of the best gnocci I’ve never … Continue Reading →

Longwood Gardends, part 4

Yeah, I took a lot of pics.

Longwood Gardens, part 2

Some more Longwood Gardens: Chenille plant – these things were pretty cool! They had so many different colors of hibiscus, which is really cool!

Longwood Gardens, Part 1

How I managed to avoid visiting this amazing garden near Philly I don’t know. But it’s beautiful and huge and I want to go back. It reminded me of Huntington Gardens in LA. Fall was a great time to visit – lots of stuff was blooming. Doug and I had plans to meet a friend for dinner in Philly so … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to August/September

I think I’m out of room on my Beatles/Rock bookshelf.. I finished this book. It made me sad because it showed a different side of John, and I like this guy. If you’re a Lennon fan, it’s worth a read. My friend Kjetil recently came out with his 3rd solo album. It’s really good! Check it out on iTunes and … Continue Reading →

DragonCon 2013

So as you might know, I wasn’t particularly looking forward to DragonCon this year, just because it felt like work. I did end up having a good time, of course, but I think it was partly because I revised my expectations. And it wasn’t all great. But it was wonderful seeing so many friends and there were a lot of … Continue Reading →