Furlough Flying

One of the things I did while on furlough was go flying with my friend/co-worker Amber (no relation to the one I just made the regency dress for). She and her husband got their pilot’s licenses earlier this year and they bought a Cessna 182. She took me and another friend of hers up. It was SO fun! And I … Continue Reading →

More What I’m Up To (Furlough edition)

Here’s Furlough lunch #2 – Mexican this time. Also, cupcakes, round 2. NOM NOM Willow:

What I’ve been up to Sept/October

Kevin demonstrating the Glyn Johns method of miking drums: Me and Rich being silly: Kevin posted this on Facebook and it amused me. It’s faint but you can see the first and second stage contrails from the Antares launch from NASA Wallops…

More pirates!

A couple of extra pictures I snagged from Janine from our Disney trip! A group boat-ride shot and a nice one of me and Doug!


So, I wore my brand new “Rum Island Shift” from Pirates of the Caribbean at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party this year.  Last year, riding Space Mountain in Star Trek costumes was awesome. This year it was riding on Pirates of the Caribbean in a PotC costume. Achievement unlocked! Our whole group had pirate costumes. Of a sort. I … Continue Reading →

Disney Food & Wine & Halloween, part 2

So after the Halloween party, the focus was back to food. Or running, since Doug, Ron and Amber all did the 5k in the morning. Doug and I split some breakfast in the morning, from the cafe by the Beach Club, which was good, but it filled me up too much. Since Doug and I headed out for lunch not … Continue Reading →

Disney Food & Wine & Halloween, part 1

So it’s been like 4 whole months since we were last at Disney (and that was only for an evening!) so we went out for Food & Wine, the Tower of Terror races (Doug did the 5k), and Halloween. Because the Magic Kingdom decorate for Halloween is awesome. So get ready for lots of food pictures since we love how … Continue Reading →

Eight-Thirteen Ball

As a fundraiser, the Arlington, VA library system threw a Gatsby-era event called the Eight-Thirteen ball. Doug, Amber and I went and met Isabella, Jessica, and Kristin there. We had a blast – there was free food, great music by a live band, and 20s dancers. And lots of costumes! I also wore the twenties seed bead rope necklace I … Continue Reading →

War of the Seasons & Athena’s Daughters

Lots of big doings for Silence in the Library Publishing! The first thing is Janine Spendlove’s Kickstarter for her fantasy trilogy, War of the Seasons. In the interest of full disclosure, I was a beta reader on all three books (that’s right, I’ve already read the unreleased 3rd book!) and she’s one of my best friends, and I just so … Continue Reading →

The Return

A few week ago a Beatles tribute band I’m friends with was in town and playing at the Rams Head Annapolis. Here are some pics of their show: Janine was supposed to go to the concert, but had a last minute work trip, so Amber came in her stead. Roll Over Beethoven: Rock and Roll Music: If I Fell: I … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, part 4

After our day at the Rock Hall, we had dinner at Melt, a sort of gourmet grilled cheese place. Their sandwiches are crazy big. This was my shrimp po boy grilled cheese. Yes, those are hush puppies in the sandwich. After dinner, since we were both tired, and since we couldn’t find any live music that appealed, we just geeked … Continue Reading →

Cleveland, part 3

Stevie Nicks stage outfits. Check out her heeled boots – they’re platforms, which is a style that’s really in now. Interesting.