The Return

A few week ago a Beatles tribute band I’m friends with was in town and playing at the Rams Head Annapolis.

Here are some pics of their show:


Janine was supposed to go to the concert, but had a last minute work trip, so Amber came in her stead.







Roll Over Beethoven:

Rock and Roll Music:

If I Fell:

I Should Have Known Better:

She’s a Woman:

I Wanna Be Your Man:

All My Loving:

Norwegian Wood:

Then came a big surprise. So two of my friends and I made Pepper suits for The Return. It’s rather a long story, but ultimately the only payment I asked for, for my contribution to the suits (I sourced and purchased all the stuff that went on the suits and pulled an all nighter helping sew trim on them, etc.) was for them to play Bad to Me for me at a gig sometime. Bad to Me is a song John wrote and then gave to Billy J Kramer. But there is a demo of John and Paul singing it that I love. So at the Rams Head, during their acoustic set, they played it for me! I wish I’d recorded the intro, but I didn’t know it was coming. Mike (George) announced that they were going to play a song not many people knew – including them. And that this was for their special friend Maggie. :D It was so amazing and unexpected. Thank you guys, you’re the best! Thanks for learning the song for me!

Slow Down:

Then another awesome thing. So everytime I see them, I always text Mike (George) to tell him I want to steal his Rickenbacker 360-12 because I love that guitar a lot. I did that this time, and Mike said I didn’t want to do that because his had a lot of problems. I said, Are you just saying that so I won’t steal your guitar? And he said, Maybe. After the show, when we were all standing around talking, he grabbed the Rick and showed me some of the damage it had taken. And then handed it to me when he had to go talk to someone else. So I got to play it. <3 I look pretty happy in these pictures. IMG_3817



The nest day Janine gave them a tour of the Capitol – I was sad to miss it, especially when this happened: