What I’ve been up to October/November (fall, meeting BNL’s drummer, old friends, Star Trek, and more)

Key Lime cupcake. Nom nom: Godiva had fall themed chocolates! I got a chocolate skull for Halloween. Yum. My favorite tree. Everything was so slow to turn this year.


Doug and I had decided to do this ages ago, and we had thought it was going to be nearby, but they ended up changing the location of the event to way out in Leesburg, VA. But it was a nice day (if windy and cold), so we went anyway. We’d never really done orienteering before, but it was fun. … Continue Reading →

Regency Pumpkin Tea

I was so glad I was able to make it to Stephanie’s regency pumpkin tea this year. It was much smaller this year than last for various reasons, but that was fine. Sometimes it’s fun to have lots of people and sometimes it’s fun to have a small group. We had a beautiful day for it and the food was … Continue Reading →

Halloween 2013

A few photos (I only took a few) from my friend’s Halloween Party from a few weeks ago. It was low key and we got in some card games, so it was a good time. I rewore my NuTrek dress since I hadn’t worn it there yet and it was easy, and Doug wore is Original Series costume which he … Continue Reading →

Marine Corps Marathon and DC in the Fall

We got up early on a Sunday a few weeks ago and headed into DC to cheer for , Amber (who was running part of the Marine Corps Marathon as a training run), and Meredith. Here’s dawn on the Mall: The Washington Monument still has a ton of scaffolding up from the earthquake damage two years ago: The Jefferson Memorial:

Pumpkin Patch

We hit our favorite pumpkin patch late in the day so I didn’t get that many pictures because of the lighting. But I liked the few I did get!

Corn Maze

A few weeks ago, some friends and I decided to check out the corn maze that I had no idea was somewhat near my house. If you look on googlemaps (satellite view), this is what it looked like last year: Here are some pics from our day. The maze this time was sea-themed, and there were stations within where you … Continue Reading →