Doug and I had decided to do this ages ago, and we had thought it was going to be nearby, but they ended up changing the location of the event to way out in Leesburg, VA. But it was a nice day (if windy and cold), so we went anyway.

We’d never really done orienteering before, but it was fun. Basically, you have a map and a compass and a electronic thingie that you can use to check in the checkpoints. They have different levels (we started with the easy one and then did the intermediate one), and it’s quite competitive. Again, we were just doing it for fun, so no running and we weren’t doing it for time.

It was pretty fall weather, even on the Beltway:


Here is one of the paths through the woods at Morven Park, VA where the orienteering was:

Swann’s Castle, a Civil War era plantation that the Confederate army used as training and encampment grounds.



Here are our “times” for the 2.2k course and the 3.4k course: