What I’ve been up to – November

Time for another catch-all post in between wrapping Christmas presents.

The last vestiges of fall:

Working on some new tunes at band:

Joe, one of our friends who is on the office next door, and who is Alex’s roommate, has had this huge saga about trying to move. It’s been a comedy of errors (and also including some health problems for his fiance that fortunately turned out to be less serious that they might have been). It’s been kind of a meme, asking him if they signed a lease somewhere yet.

One day he came in and said they did sign a lease. So Alex and I celebrated by wrapping him in crepe paper like a May pole while humming the Chariots of Fire theme.


And then he had to get out of all the crepe paper:

Of course, as it turns out, they are not moving there anymore because his fiance got a job offer in northern Virginia. So now they might be moving there instead. Our celebration was premature!

I celebrated another successful oncology check-up by buying this cookie at La Madeline. It was tasty.

Not my photo – my friend Erik posted this on Instagram and I thought it was beautiful!


A pretty rainbow sundog. I had to take it through my polarized glasses.

The setlist from the BNL concert we saw a few weeks ago:
Screen Shot 2013-11-14 at 11.36.18 AM

One of my best friends from college, Lew (seated at the head of the table), was in town for a visit so we met up with him for dinner. We were also joined by another college friend, Dan, and my (other) friend Joe, who was staying at our house for a few days.

John Mather gave a fun talk about how and where he grew up and his career path. And JWST.

Here’s Joe and I writing a song while he was staying at the house:

We had another astronaut (Chris Cassidy) give a talk at work. This one was fresh off the space station. Like he’d literally landed the month before. He’s kind of hard core too – he was a Navy seal. He was pretty funny and I always enjoy hearing astronauts tell stories. Also before his talk, he shook hands with a little boy (there with his dad), who was wearing an astronaut suit.


More last vestiges of fall:

We had a Navy blimp hovering over us all day doing some sort of measurements.



In DC for the writer’s workshop and shooting our Kickstarter video for Athena’s Daughters. (http://tinyurl.com/athenasD) It was a cold but pretty day.




Signing the author sheets for Time Traveled Tales:

Then an all day RPG led by Aaron Allston – who was an amazing DM. It was really fun. I was super tired though because Conley and I had stayed up super late marathoning our Mad Men rewatch (also she was typing up workshop notes that didn’t save earlier).

And a rare photo of all three founders of Silence in the Library Publishing: