A Close-up of a Space Camera

A repost from NASA Blueshift! A co-worker told me that WFPC2 was sitting out, unconvered, over in our Integration & Test facility. It didn’t really register. We have models of Hubble instruments on display elsewhere at Goddard. But no, it’s the real thing. The actual Wide Field and Planetary Camera 2, which until a few years ago was on the … Continue Reading →


I blame Katherine, really – but how was I supposed to resist day after day of gorgeous macaron posts? So I decided to give them a try. Here are my notes: 1) Attempt #1 at making chocolate macarons, this recipe: http://www.chocoparis.com/chocolate-macarons/ It was easy to measure everything out but the easiest thing to do it with is a little kitchen … Continue Reading →

What I’ve been up to (November/December)

So here’s a catch up of other things I’ve been up to in November. We kept our Halloween skeletons up (though now one has a Santa hat) – and they’ve been fun to pose in different ways. Our drive to Pittsburgh for Thanksgiving was pretty – there’d been an ice storm so all the trees were iced over.

Longwood Gardens at Christmas, part 3

More Longwood! Fun train set

Longwood Gardens at Christmas, part 1

Everyone told me how amazing Longwood is at Christmas, so Doug and I wanted to work a trip into the already crowded shorter-than-usual holiday season. It turned out there was a regency Christmas party in Philly, so we thought it would be perfect to hit it on the way back. Of course it snowed and the party was postponed, but … Continue Reading →

2013 picture Year in Review – part 2

July July was the first month of 2013 I didn’t fly somewhere. We actually had most of July and August at home and it was pretty great. We spent July 4 with Janine and Ron and a whole slew of my friends and hers at the Pentagon. We also caught fireworks with friends a few days later elsewhere in Maryland: … Continue Reading →

2013 picture Year in Review – part 1

This is always a lot of work, but I think it’s probably worth while to go back and appreciate all the good stuff that happened over the last year. It helps to downplay any bad stuff. January: I got to do something I’d never done before and get into a bunny suit to go into our giant cleanroom at work. … Continue Reading →