What I’ve Been Up to – March

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  • April 9, 2014
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So some more pics of what I’ve been up to!

I’ve been a total slacker and have not yet posted pictures though everyone else has – but I was lucky enough to go visit my Texas friends for ‘s early birthday party. It was so great seeing everyone, and special thanks to and for hosting me and ferrying me to and from the airport.

My dad had frequent flyer miles which paid for my ticket – so thanks to my parents! He even got me the bulkhead seat, which ended up being super roomy AND I could stow my bag under my seat instead of having to put it up in the overhead compartment!


I flew through Detroit on the way there, where it was clearly still winter:

On the way back, I went through Atlanta (ah, old friend, I know you well from many many DragonCon trips) – and they had a cool exhibit of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s things.





Flying home over Annapolis:

The night I got home, we tried out another Disney Food & Wine recipe – this is the Kahlua Pork Sliders with pineapple chutney and spicy mayo. It was SOOOO good.
Kalua Pork Sliders with Pineapple Chutney and  Spicy Mayo

And the day after I got home, St. Patrick’s Day, we had a big snowstorm and I got a day off work!

And ended up having to reschedule a whole tour we had planned for a visiting family whose kids had dressed as JWST and Werner von Braun for Halloween.


Here are a few pics from the rescheduled tour – here is the family with Piers Sellers, who is a retired astronaut. He flew three missions and helped build the space station. We didn’t tell them they were meeting an astronaut til right before.

The kids with the Star Wars Pepsi machine in Building 29:

John Mather, our Nobel Laureate, talking to the kids about JWST – and little Brian in a cleanroom bunny suit. It was a little big on him!

And the hilarious note their dad wrote to excuse them from school:

While Brian and Eric were trying on the bunny suits, I looked up at this TV and was like – are they showing Coneheads?!! (80s reference). But no, the TV was just screwed up. And I think those are astronauts on NASA TV. But they look like Coneheads.


We also went to the Satellite Servicing building, which I love because it’s cool, but also because they have a live space station feed, which never gets old, especially when you see astronauts float by the indoor camera.

Also, I saw this button there. I don’t know what it does:

Conley clued me into this cool Mad Men pillow on Society6:


My friend Sara found some really old Goddard stuff from the 1960s – we liked this one. Technical men are invited!!


Here is what Goddard looked like in 1966. I’m currently in Building 22, which is labeled – it’s sort of in the back row of buildings, left of center:

Seen at work:

My friend Joe got me into this app called Rando, which I posted about – and disappeared like 3 days after I tried it out. Here’s one of the Rando pics I took – this is Joe and I reflected in one of the X-ray mirror foils across from our offices.

And here’s us in his little rearview mirror on his computer.

I liked this reflection after a rainstorm:

New sneakers!

Silly Willow:

My friend Rich is the PI on this instrument that is going on the ASTRO-H satellite. The detector for it, shown here, just got shipped to Japan!

So, the X-ray foils I talked about above – those are X-ray mirrors. X-ray telescopes don’t have normal mirrors because X-ray would go right through a flat mirror. They have to make mirrors that look like nested cylinders (the gold thing is one layer of those cylinders) and the x-rays hit them and bounced around and they can direct them to where the detectors are. When they are nested, they look like this – this is a demo model of one quadrant. Imagine 4 of these making a full cylinder:

Integration & Testing:

Our big vacuum chamber. JWST hardware is in there.

Willow snuggled herself into a pile of pillows and a blanket.

And more snow:

We had more astronauts visit. Another thing that never gets old. This is Karen Nyberg and Luca Parmitano. He’s Italian and the one who had the problem with the water in his suit helmet during an EVA. She is the astronaut that quilted and crafted on the Space Station, which is super cool. They were both very nice.



So, I ordered the tiny orange jar of face cream – the boxes behind it were all the packing it came in. Wow.

I started watching True Detective – and I noticed Matthew McConnehey’s (sp) character had this mug. I have this mug too! My friend Chris sent me flower when I had knee surgery during one of my summer’s home from college and the mug is what the flowers came in.

Spring, finally!

Daffodil bud, a little worse for the wear:


So my officemate had me call Alex next door. We’re always complaining there’s no menu line for the cafeteria. So Alex did the menu line for us:

Another day, we went first, so Don told him to call us for the menu line. I missed his call and got a voicemail that said “*sigh* Cafeteria phone? Cafeteria phone? English. Representative. REPRESENTATIVE. Oh, fuck it.”

It was highly amusing.

A few weeks ago, we did another Food & Wine recipe – Mahi Mahi in Singa Sauce. It was SO good. We got a nice piece of Mahi from the Annapolis Seafood Market and it was delicious.
Seared Mahi Mahi with  Rice and Singa Sauce

And that’s where I’ll leave it for now!

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