Flying Over Pittsburgh

  • By M@ggie
  • May 18, 2014
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Our nephew Gary just recently finished his course on becoming a certified flight instructor in Florida and has been working at Allegheny County airport in Pittsburgh, teaching flying. When we were there for Easter, I wanted him to take us up, because we’d never flown with him before. He got permission from his boss to take a plane up after … Continue Reading →

Easter Eggs

  • By M@ggie
  • May 16, 2014
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I had come across this tutorial for coloring Easter eggs using flowers and onion skins, so we decided to try it out! We were in Pittsburgh for Easter, and we didn’t have a lot of flower options, but we found forsythia, hyacinth, and onions. Though really we could have done with more onions, but we used what we had. … Continue Reading →

Neil Finn

  • By M@ggie
  • May 8, 2014
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A while ago (after a tortured ticket-buying experience, wherein advertised pre-sale codes were withheld, except for a secret fan club few people seemed to know about, but wof hich I am now a member) I bought Neil Finn tickets for the Lincoln Theater in DC. Oddly, they were general admission. This is odd because the Lincoln Theater has seats, unlike … Continue Reading →