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  • May 8, 2014
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A while ago (after a tortured ticket-buying experience, wherein advertised pre-sale codes were withheld, except for a secret fan club few people seemed to know about, but wof hich I am now a member) I bought Neil Finn tickets for the Lincoln Theater in DC. Oddly, they were general admission. This is odd because the Lincoln Theater has seats, unlike the 9:30 Club, and I’ve seen a bunch of shows there, but always had seats.

On the one had it was good, because due to to the presale code drama, I wasn’t able to get tickets the second they went on sale. But I was kind of nervous, because I had no idea how early we needed to get there. THankfully it was a Saturday so we didn’t have to deal with rush hour traffic or figuring out how early we needed to leave from work. We ended up there about an hour and a half before doors. We knew there was a Starbucks across the street (where we met BNL’s drummer last time we were there), and the famous Ben’s Chili Bowl restaurant was right next door. We ended up maybe 20th in line. Which was awesome. We didn’t expect to be that far forward.

Also everyone in line was really nice. We made friends with these two guys who were maybe 10 or so years older than us. Doug and one of the guys went to the chili place to get food while me and the other guy, Rob, waited on line. We ended up chatting with a few of the other people and it turns out we had all been to a lot of the same shows, which was fun. And Rob’s friend, who got the chili dogs, has a daughter who has an internship at Goddard this summer.

Anyway, the line finally started moving, late, and we chose the wrong doorway and got stuck behind someone slow and then finally managed to change lines, race in and ended up right back behind the two guys we were in line with. We took the left aisle and soon realized the far left front four seats were empty! So we grabbed them. They were behind some speakers, which was dubious, but we could still see and they ended up not using those speakers. And even better, Neil’s piano was right smack in front of us! So all that and we ended up in the front row, which was amazing!

Neil and his wife (who was playing bass on this tour) actually had their parents on Skype on two different laptops, which was cute. Technology FTW!


Selfie in front of the stage:

Not bad for an iphone!







A few clips from the show and a couple full songs that I put on YouTube:

Full vids – a gorgeous version of Private Universe with the opening band doing backing vocals:

Turn and Run

Only Talking Sense

Message to My Girl – standing ovation on this one!

Don’t Dream It’s Over

Love this Life

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