Abbey Road on the River 2014

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  • July 6, 2014
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What can I say about Abbey Road on the River? It’s like DragonCon – my once-a-year chance to see friends I adore but never get to hang out with otherwise.

The weather was pretty much perfect again – a little warmer than last year, but far cooler than the scorcher two years ago.

This year I flew in Thursday instead of Friday so I could get an extra night with my friends. Janine and Ron (and Gabi, their daughter, and Emma, their Danish foreign exchange student who is like a daughter) were able to come to the Festival this year, which was awesome. Janine was even more awesome and met me at a random fast food place on 214 at 10pm, to take my suitcase and guitar, since they were driving, so I wouldn’t have to deal with them flying. I ended up being really glad I’d brought my new little travel guitar, a baby Taylor I got for Christmas.

Anyway, Janine and Ron got in just before I did, so after checking into my suite, I met up with them for dinner. Then we headed to the Norwegian Beatles gig, so I could see my friends play! It was so nice to see them again!



I took this one of Håvard and Kjetil, which Håvard showed to the Gretsch folks – and they want to use it in one of their catalogs! It’d be cool if that actually happened!


Katie finally arrived half way through their set and we all had a big reunion hug, which was so nice.

15 seconds of Golden Slumbers:

Kai takes a drum solo:

After their set, I was able to catch up with them for a while, and then I caught the end of the LSB Experience’s set. They played a Crowded House medly that I totally loved:

Later that night, Katie and I ran right into the guys on our way out, so we wandered around the festival for a while.

Kjetil, Katie, and I:

We eventually decided to just grab the alcohol from Katie’s room and head to the suite to hang out. At which point my guitar came out – and we spent the next few hours playing guitar, singing, and drinking. It was SO fun. We started out with a bunch of Crowded House, one of my fav bands – and the fun part about singing and playing guitar with people in a band is that the harmonies get sung. We did It’s Only Natural, Weather With You, Don’t Dream It’s Over. They sang me Maggie May, Bjørn did Kathy’s song by Simon & Garfunkel only with Katie’s name, for Katie. We did The Boxer, Parsley Sage, American Pie (the WHOLE song), Hotel California. I did Looking Out My Back Door, Don’t Go Back to Rockville, and then I did one of Kjetil’s own songs (Sunshine) for him. He did Across the Universe. I did Help and I Should Have Known Better. Kjetil did Give a Little Bit, and Just Like Starting Over. I’m sure there were more, but those are the ones I remembered us playing all or parts of.

Here’s the intro to Weather With You with Håvard and Bjørn playing two guitar parts on the same guitar.



Such a fun night.

This guy, Damon, had a booth with really cool artwork cut out of vinyl records:

Katie, Janine and I:


Katie and I wore embarrassing sequined hats in honor of our Norwegian friends!

This girl and her mom kicked butt on The One After 909 at a talent competition:

This Beatles band from Germany had the keyboard stand collapse on the keyboardist, but he kept rocking out. It was pretty cool.

The Return arrived later – they posted this for Janine and I when we asked if they were bring the Pepper suits we made them. (Part of our contract with them was that they had to refer to us as Team Awesome.)


Love these guys!



Since they had rooms at a different hotel, they used my suite as a dressing room, which was really fun. I’m glad I had it to offer them and that we got to hang out so much!

Gabi and Emma getting interviewed:

The LSB Experience again. These guys are so talented and so nice! I got a chance over the weekend to catch up with Hans and Mars a bit, which was really nice.


Katie and Collin dancing to the Norwegians:

The Return:





More of my fav AROTR band!




This is what I meant about The Return not having Galt House rooms:


Someone made them some really awesome cookies:


Another cool thing was that Freda Kelly was at AROTR. If you haven’t seen it, you have to see “Good ‘Ol Freda” – the documentary that was made about her time with the Beatles. She was in charge of the Beatles Fan Club from the beginning. She grew up in Liverpool with the Beatles. The doc is really cool.

Here’s a picture of Katie with her. Kjetil and I are in the background behind her, so it’s sorta like I was in the pic with Freda!

I did get to talk with her briefly – I ran into her in the bathroom as she was leaving. I said “I loved your film, I backed it!” (They funded it via Kickstarter.) and she said thank you and patted my shoulder. And I said “It’s really nice to meet you.. in the rest room.” And she said, “We all have to go, dear!” :D

LSB singing You’ve Got a Friend:

Another band I really like, Wingsbanned! They’re really nice, fun guys too.





They did Mrs. Vanderbilt! Love this song!



They did a couple of Beach Boys songs!

Janine trolling The Return. Earlier they had said they might have to cut a song or two from their set, so she said they should cut Yesterday, since she thinks it’s overplayed. So at their gig, they specifically dedicated Yesterday to her. :D

Then there was the Beach Boys show. We had bought 18 dollar tickets, which apparently entitled us to be in the very, very back of the lawn, behind the sound tent that blocked everything. :-/ Katie’s mom and I went down to try to figure out where we’d sit while Katie was taking care of her kids. We got some bleacher seats way at the back. I spotted Vegar and Håvard so they came over and joined me. The rest of the Norwegians and then Katie showed up, so we had a little party while waiting for the Beach Boys to start.



This was our view. There were people who didn’t pay anything that lined up their lawn chairs to the sides of the stage who had a better view. :-/

Most of the gang wandered off to get a better view, Håvard stayed with Katie and I, which was fun because we got the chance to chat.


The kids behind us and Håvard, trying to get a view of the stage by standing at the top of the bleachers and holding their cameras up.

We left early to catch the last TNB gig (they had one more the next day, but it was after I had to fly home). Way better than the Beach Boys!


Gabi and Emma joined us too!




And later on the evening, before goodbyes were said…

Kjetil and I:

Adam and Ron:

The best part of this was the the next day Adam wondered how he got blue ink on his head – he had forgotten about the headbands.

Wearing Janine’s Pepper suit:

What a fun weekend! How many days til next year?

Full set of pics and vids:


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