Annual Florida Vacation – Again Disney!

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  • July 25, 2014
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On our last half-day at Disney, we had lunch at Yak and Yeti, which was very good. We had dumplings, strip steak and shrimp with a side of fried green beans. And the dessert wontons:




We kind of like the bird show at Animal Kingdom:



We manged to go on Everest 3 times total I believe. Single rider twice, and once with a fast pass. Love that ride.

And dinner at Boma. Zebra Domes.

After dinner we met up with Doug’s oldest brother and his family at Epcot. We had VIP seats for the fireworks by Epcot UK, which was fun. And we stopped for grapefruit beer in Germany and of course…

Another visit to the Norwegian bakery. They have a little Frozen display.

I got a different girl this time – and I ordered school bread to go again – and she asked if I was Norwegian, and I did my little explanation. And she asked how long I’d been learning the language, which I managed to understand and answer in Norwegian, which is probably a first, since if they ask me something “off script” in Norwegian, I often don’t understand. But I managed to say “en år” – one year – and she said it was impressive, yay!

Ha, and now I remember that the other time I was here, they said that I spoke Norwegian very well for someone who had never been there. :D

Anyway, it was fun.

We checked out the revised exhibit in the stave church, which is of course taking advantage of Frozen mania. But it was actually a nice little exhibit on Norwegian cultural influences for Frozen. I liked this fiddle:

And Anna’s dress, modeled after the bunad, or traditional costume:


And of course, my traditional stop in Epcot UK to re-enact the Beatles movie Help! – “What are you doing?” “Posting a letter…” It was dark, but you get the idea. And if you don’t, go see the movie. It’s funny.


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