What I’ve Been Up To – July, part 1

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  • August 2, 2014
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Here’s what I’ve been up to for the first part of July. I helped out with a last minute G+ hangout for Google’s Maker Camp at work. Here’s our JWST speaker.


The giant centrifuge at work that mostly gets used as storage:


Kevin’s cat Raoul – amusing that he’s pillowing his head on the carpet, but has his body on the cooler wood floor:
Beer and band:


My offiemate and I were taking pics of Mike’s new pepper plant (which was sitting outside his window) (at his request) and I got this funny one of Mike looking like he is being stalked:

The milkweed plant I got free at work. It’s really good for butterflies and is a native plant to this area:

We hit on a good restaurant on the way down to ConGregate in North Carolina. Exit 51A on 95 near Richmond, Don Pepe’s. Great Yelp reviews, fast service. Really good food!

My shrimp burrito:

Doug’s chorizo one:


Sunset in NC:

The full moon was 180 degrees opposite – a nice illustration of why the moon is full when it rises at Sunset:

Loved getting to hang with Conley and Janine at the Con!

We had an Athena’s Daughters launch party – cool cake!

Seen at the Con:

Five Athena’s Daughters authors, plus Ron, our moderator. This panel was so fun!

The only bad part was a bad accident on the bridge on 301, so we had to backtrack a long ways to I-95 – and it took like 9 hours to get home. It should have taken like 6.5. :-/



We had a long run of afternoon storms:


I saw this guy trying to (slowly) cross the road. After managing to not hit him, I turned around to see if I could get him off the road. Another woman stopped at the same time and we rescued him:

Mike’s new car:

Coneflowers in the back yard:


Meredith, Sara, Sarah, Barb and I went on a scavenger hunt at work. They were having employee appreciation days. They had food trucks – I did get a free cupcake, but the line for the Korean BBQ tacos was too long, which bummed me out. Dave and Alex waited an hour in the hot sun. :-( But they did have a scavenger hunt, so we did that. It was SO HARD! We all do outreach type stuff so we do tours and know a lot about where we work. Sara’s dad works there. I’ve been there like 17 years. But there were so many obscure things we had to look for! And we only had one hour. And campus is pretty big – and we could have drive, but finding parking would have eaten up our time anyway.


Here is us with the first item, which was a gimme – a replica of John’s Nobel Prize that was in the lobby of the building we started in.

#2 we figured must be models of TDRS satellites, but we didn’t know of anywhere those might be. Turns out there were some in the lobby of Building 12, which none of us had been in. (And it ended up that many of the items were in lobbies of nearby buildings, and we were looking deeper than we should have a lot of the times.

#3 we got – since it was something you could be, we went to the employee gift shop and found a steel cut space shuttle model:

#4 turns out to have been on my floor, and I’d passed it before but didn’t really think about what it was. Also, they got the floor wrong since my building is weirdly British and we have a ground floor – so the 2nd floor is actually the first floor.

I took this later:

#5 – with all of our collective knowledge, we had no idea such a thing existed. Nor did Google. Later we learned it was in this little treed area with a picnic table. Once I was told where it was, I remembered there was a fake deer there (because of.. reasons?) – but then the Sara(h)s went and checked it out and it was far more horrifying than I realized.

Oh hai!

Also there was apparently a scary dog:

And the “memorial”?

As Sara said, “do not recommend.”

#6 I knew was in the the center courtyard of Building 23, though it looks way less moon-like that it used to. I don’t have our pic of this, it wasn’t very interesting.

#7 For this one, it confused us and we were thinking it was a moon rover model we were looking for and we knew there wasn’t one in B7 where the test chambers are. But it was a model of the electromagnetic neutrality facility they were looking for. But I didn’t know what the facility looked like – so I didn’t recognize the model in the lobby of B7 that I have passed countless times. And we in fact passed it on our hunt for it.

#8 We had no idea. Later on, I was told it as a big white pipe thing in the back lot of B29 – and yes, I’d seen it many times before. And then later that day I was looking at something unrelated and stumbled on a picture of it and what it was – it’s not actually a pipe, it’s a mass simulator for JWST! Which goes to show that there are a lot of random things at work and most people don’t know what they are.

#9 We knew these must be the hoses going from the liquid nitrogen containers to the vacuum chambers- but there weren’t any that looked particularly snake-like so we just snapped a random pic of one.

#10 This was a demo going on all the way up in B28 at the Science Jamboree – it was too far to walk in the time allotted and then trying to find the demo and force our way into it?

So yeah – we didn’t do great. The winning team only got 5 plus a half credit answer. But it was fun. And I learned some new things.

After the scavenger hunt I raced off to the National Harbor to meet another Athena’s Daughter author for lunch. It was a gorgeous day! Also, there is now apparently a ferris wheel at the National Harbor.

When I got back I stopped by the Science Jamboree – and had some liquid nitrogen ice cream. It was actually really good!


You’re a kitty!

Shipping and receiving at work:

This is long, so more later!

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