What I’ve been up to – July, part 3

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  • August 9, 2014
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So I went through my little record collection – stuff from my parents and a few things of my own, including a box of 45s I got at a garage sale as a kid.

Willow helped:

The box of 45s really is gold though – check out some of the awesomeness. BTW, an identical 45 of Help! is in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!


This one I bought:

My mom’s Beatles and Elvis records:

Doug and I had dinner at Old Stein Inn – a really good German place. I had a raspberry Linenkugel (sp?) that was really good.

Dessert. (German chocolate brownie)


We ended up with 7 of us in our office the other morning. Mini work party!

So a long time ago, my friend and his roommate were sharing a City Paper on a train. Some old man points at them, says it a quavery voice, “That path leads straight to hell!” The train doors open, he says “Jesus loves you!” and hops off the train. My friend and his roommate immediately put down the paper because they hadn’t realized reading the Baltimore City Paper would send them to hell. It wasn’t until later they realized the guy thought they were gay for sharing the paper.

My officemate posed the Godzillas and those of us who knew the story found it amusing.




Baby praying mantis:


Doug and I had an errand in DC and tried to have lunch. But apparently on Saturday most of these places only have brunch. And we’d already had breakfast. So we ate somewhere else.

When we got back to the car, we were really blocked in. Fortunately it turned out that there was a guy in the front car so we could get out:


I had a sewing day with Stephanie and Gloria which was fun! We went for dinner at the Burmese place afterwards. Sunday special. Yum.


So Dave and Joe were accidental twisies at work the other day.

Alex did not get the memo. Now Alex dresses via something he likes to call the “pile system” – ie, his laundry gets dumped in a pile and he wears whatever is on top. And as we say, the pile giveth, and the pile taketh away. Anyway, we asked Alex what was on top of the mile and he said a maroon polo shirt.

And Dave says “no problem – I have this shirt in 10 colors!”

So the next morning I wore the closest thing I had, a sort of maroon Indian embroidered shirt. I poke my head into their office and…

Joe did not have the right color shirt. Twinsie fail:


Joe decided to wash all the mugs. I was sure this would end badly. Joe is kind of adorably clumsy. And easily startled.

Meredith found John Mather’s (our Nobel Laureate) high school yearbook – because her parents went to the same high school at the same time. He’s in the back in the dark plaid shirt:
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 11.18.37 PM

John Scalzi posted a picture of the new books he’d gotten in the mail and yay, Athena’s Daughters is one of them! There were nice comments on it too!

Don bought (a while ago) a fake security camera. We had been contemplating adding it to the fake webcam we have by the water cooler (since we have to pay for water, we have a paid water club – with lots of purposefully passive aggressive signs). The water usage has been way up, so we decided to put it up. Joe said he’d do it. Not 5 minutes later, Don goes into his office and he’s like “I broke the camera.” I almost died laughing since it was such classic Joe.

Anyway, they fixed it and put it up while I was away in Cleveland:

So – we have these all over the house. Doug is learning German, I’m learning Norwegian – and we found language books with stickers.

Another ebay find:

We saw Guardians of the Galaxy and really liked it! (Even though we’re not that into superhero movies.) There was a line to get in…


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