A while ago, a friend of mine got me into playing this browser game called Extrasolar, where you get to explore an extrasolar planet by giving directions to a rover – and it sends back gorgeously live rendered images with changing weather and time of day, and creatures that roam around and “plant” life.  You are there to study its exobiology, but there’s a whole conspiracy theory beneath it.  I adored it.

The first part of it was free (though you could pay to upgrade, which I did because I wanted to support it) – and they just launched a kickstarter to fund part 2.


I liked the game so much (because of its heavy science content and “citizen science fiction” theming) that we actually interviewed the creator for NASAblueshift. (We had to be a little bit careful, but the interview about the science and thought behind the game was really really cool.)


I’d love to see this fund as private citizen me, because I think it’s a really cool product. Check it out – and try out the first part of the game at http://extrasolar.com

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