So this happened last night…

So here’s a thing that happened last night! I totally sang with Guster. You know, no big – just one of my favorite bands and one of my fav songs, in front of like 200 people in DC. (Also the whole show was super fun and awesome all around!)

Apologies for what is essentially a FB repost, but it was easiest at the time – but here is what happened!

(Note: Pics of the actual band and set-list here:

We are long-time fans of Guster and we backed their new album, so we were lucky enough to get invited to a 200-person gig atop the W Hotel (which has an absolutely gorgeous view of DC). We got there early enough that we had zero trouble getting a spot right in front, like 2-3 feet from the band, which were on a really small, short stage. They played a lot of deep cuts because this was for fans and also they were somewhat limited in what they could play because they didn’t have all their equipment.

They did “X-ray Eyes”, which is really early stuff and Ryan said he would probably forget the lyrics and that we would have to shout the lyrics at him. He got stuck on the 2nd verse, and some girl started yelling out the lyrics, so he just told her to come up. She didn’t really sing, so she just danced next to him and sang along with him. It was fun. When they hit “Careful” on the setlist next, Ryan made a joke that they should do Guster karaoke – did anyone want to sing Careful? And before I knew it, my hand shot up. And then he was like “I’ll give you an out, you really have to know it!” And I said that my band covered it, so then he was like, “Oh, then come on up!” – so I did, and before I knew it, I was singing it with them! It was fun seeing them realize I actually knew the song and could sing it (it’s one of the few Guster songs I knew I could sing cold and is all in my range). It was SUPER fun and the crowd was so nice and I couldn’t believe it was actually happening! Once we got to the break after the first verse, and I reassured myself that I knew the first line to the second verse, it was smooth sailing. After I finished, the whole band said I did a great job singing it and gave me hugs! I know I’m not smiling in the couple of shots that Doug was able to get, but I totally was. Wow, still can’t believe this happened – and that I didn’t screw it up!

Also funnily enough, someone recently asked the drummer why they never play Careful in concert – and he said that Ryan needs to look at his bass fingerings on this one and that when he does, he’s not singing into the mic. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it on the set-list for tonight. And then somewhat unsurprised that he tried to solicit someone else to sing it! I just didn’t know it would be me!

Pics or it didn’t happen!

They’re not great because it was super dark in there, but that’s ok!

I only have 8 seconds of video (it was super dark in there and Doug didn’t think of recording it just for the audio- but that’s ok) but it’s something!






Adam hugging me.

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