2014 picture Year in Review – part 1

Probably at some point I will stop doing these, but I do like to look back and reflect on all the good stuff that happened – it helps dim the memory of the bad stuff. So here goes the happiest parts of 2014. January: Marathon weekend at Disney in which we cheered for our friend Meredith, who was running a … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – December, part 2

Here’s Willow either singing Christmas carols or really over the holidays. Lesa made this for me – love it! This can’t be comfortable… I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but our these doors make for good card holders. I ran out of gas and present wrapping suffered for it: Kitty! We put on Muppet Christmas Carol … Continue Reading →

Riversdale House Regency Ball

While we’ve been to a bunch of balls at Gadsby’s Tavern, we’d never been to one at Riversdale House before. We did take a tour there and had a picnic this summer – but this was our first chance to see what their balls were like. This one was a slightly belated Twelfth Night ball and it was so beautiful! … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – December, part 1

I have some downtime, so time to play blog post catch-up! Selfie time! With my new fav Starbucks drink. They came out with some new latte this year, chestnut praline. Sounds terribly trendy but I love it like whoa. Some Starbucks still have it even though the holidays are over, but I don’t know for how long. I will be … Continue Reading →

Mount Vernon

I haven’t been to Mount Vernon since… well, the last time I was there I didn’t have a digital camera. My mom and I went sometime when the gardens were blooming and it was lovely and I always meant to go back. But you know how it is with cool places that are like 40 minutes from home – you … Continue Reading →

More Guster…

I’ve already posted about the amazingness that was getting the chance to actually be a part of the band Guster for one song. You can read all about it here: http://lovelyrita-mm.com/2014/12/guster/ But I didn’t get the chance to post here about the next coolest part to singing with Guster. The guy who after me got up on stage to sing … Continue Reading →

Athena’s Daughters Library of Congress panel

We were invited to do a panel on the first Athena’s Daughters anthology at the Library of Congress “What If” Science Fiction & Fantasy forum. It ended up being really fun! I packed up a suitcase of books to sell and metroed to Cap South. I was a little early so I had the chance to snap a few pics. … Continue Reading →

Athena’s Daughters

Hey y’all! You might remember I was a part of Athena’s Daughters – an anthology of science fiction written by women about female protagonists. We did an open call for submissions for Volume 2 and we have a crop of really amazing stories. Our Kickstarter for pre-ordering is over in just 48 hours and we’re doing so incredibly well. Really … Continue Reading →

Phipps Conservatory at Christmas

Actually we were there over Thanksgiving, but they were all decorated for Christmas. Here’s a corpse flower – yep, it has a phase of life where it looks like a tree! It’s no Jurassic Park like last year, but the volcano is still there! My niece Talia and I: A “snowman” wedding! Here’s the ring bearer: The bride: The groom … Continue Reading →

365 project and books read for 2014

I finished my 365 project! I managed to not miss a single day this year, which felt great. If you want to see my pics, they’re here by month: http://365project.org/lovelyrita_mm/favorites/2014-01 or in this Flickr set: https://www.flickr.com/photos/maggie42/sets/72157641587818685/ And here are my books read for 2014 – I read half of what I did in 2013 – but to be fair, I … Continue Reading →