Francaise Dinner weekend – DC

So Megan, Jess and I went into DC after brunch. We hit the National Gallery to see Marie Antoinette, Natural History to see jewelry and also the evolution/human history exhibit since Megan is studying this in grad school, and then we met up at Paul’s (omg, the best quiche I’ve ever had) with Jenny-Rose, her sister, Amanda, Robin, Alice, and … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner weekend – Sunday brunch

Some of us met up for Sunday brunch in Alexandria. The place was super crowded but we were able to get a table for all of us. The food was amazing – but our waiter was slow and then we had weird problems with the check. It was not clear whether tip had been added in. And after all of … Continue Reading →

More Francaise dinner

So, apparently I have more Francaise dinner pics that I was too tired to notice were further down in the album (behind some brunch photos). So here you have more Francaise dinner pics! yay! I believe this was Doug’s salmon: Our (tiny) dealer table: Megan’s photo: Gloria/Mike’s photo: Mike’s photo: Which goes with this one: Group photos by Beth: Isabella’s … Continue Reading →