What I’ve Been Up To – April Stragglers

How about something positive and not ranty about politics for a change?

Here are some pics from the end of April.

Doug and I went for a walk by this pond by the Town Center and saw these three turtles lined up on a log. They were super cute.


You can see them at the bottom here:



Another Disney Food & Wine recipe – this is the chocolate lava cake. We had to make a few adjustments. We didn’t have any Bailey’s on hand and I used dark chocolate instead of milk for the ganache. It was really good though.
Food & Wine Lava Cake


So we have Safety Week at work and while most of the talks are not relevant to my job or necessarily interesting, they often have astronauts, which are always awesome. This was a two astronaut day.

First up in the morning was Scott Altman. No big, he just did the flying for Maverick in Top Gun. He had amazing stories from the movie and how buzzing the tower in real life would get you in all kinds of trouble and then they wanted him to do it for the movie. And they’re like “Do you think you can buzz the tower for us?” and he’s like “Yes. Yes I can.” and then they’re like we need you to do it multiple times. And he’s like “I can do that.” It sounds like the flying was a lot of fun. Super super cool. And then he’s also an astronaut and flew on the last Hubble servicing mission which my friend Kevin worked on, so I saw his launch! He was very nice and I got a picture with him afterwards. The guy who took it for me didn’t focus it well, but that’s ok.




Alvin Drew was astronaut #2 for the day and he was a great speaker too – all kinds of amazing stories from combat and his flights and stuff.

Back at the office, we came in to find Joe in a suit. He was literally asked if he had an interview like 10 times that day. We’re so not dressy here that if you dress up, people think you’re interviewing somewhere else. Turns out he had some appointment in the morning that ended up getting canceled but he was already dressed up so he went with it.

Willow somehow wedged her butt in the sofa crack (she really likes sofa cracks) and looked really funny with her feet sticking out:

And then fell asleep:

Here she is clinging to my knee and snuggling one morning:

Judy gave me a 6 lb bag of gummy bears as a gift for helping organize the francaise dinner. I did have some but it was too much for one person, so I brought them to work and gave them to the boys. There is probably half a pound left and Don got these photos of Alex enjoying them.



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