Glendening Nature Preserve Redux

Doug and I went back to Glendending Nature Preserve to get in a nice long hike, which we did, and this time we saw a couple different butterflies at the butterfly garden – a Nokomis Fritillary, and a black Swallowtail. At the start of our hike, we saw this guy across the path: Also this: Also two really impressive spider … Continue Reading →

JWST Telescope Structure

It was super exciting not long ago when a major piece of James Webb Space Telescope hardware came in to NASA Goddard. It was our flight “telescope structure” and this is like the bones of the telescope – it supports the mirrors and the instruments. And it’s the real deal, the one going into space! Here’s the giant packing crate … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 6: Hammerfest to Berlevåg

After our morning wandering around Hammerfest, we finally met up with the guys to hit the road to Berlevåg for their next two gigs. Here’s our last look at Hammerfest. I again didn’t know what to expect from the far north of Norway, but man was it beautiful. Reinsdyr! We stopped for lunch in Lakselv and had this pizza which … Continue Reading →

Glendening Nature Preserve Butterfly Garden

At the recommendation of my friend Tim, Doug and I checked out a butterfly garden at Glendening Nature Preserve, which is actually quite nearby. As it turns out, there are hiking trails there, which we tried out on other weekends. But this day we mostly just checked out the butterfly garden. There were two monarchs that chased each other around … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 6: Hammerfest

Our first morning in Hammerfest, we woke up, had some breakfast and prepared to do some exploring for the morning. Here is our gorgeous breakfast view! Norwegian waffles! I put too much batter though. D’oh. From the room: We took a walk up the road to go see the big polar bear statue. Polar bear! (Here’s where it’s located on … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 5: Hammerfest

This was the afternoon we headed off to Hammerfest from Alta, where my friends’ band had a gig. Hammerfest wasn’t a long drive – just under 2 hours. And for someone who’d never seen northern Norway before, I really enjoyed the scenery. I had no idea what to expect as far as the landscape this far north, but it was … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 5: Alta Rock Carving Museum

We had a free morning in Alta before meeting friends, so we checked out the rock carving museum. I definitely wish we had more time now, we had no idea how big it was! The rock carvings date a range of times, from 7000 to 2000 years ago. Back in those days, the water level was higher – or rather, … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 4/5: Alta

We arrived in Alta, Norway relatively early, around 7:30 pm – you would have thought it’d be plenty of time to meet friends by 9pm, but you’d be wrong! We got a rental car so we could drive around and see the rock carvings in the morning and also get to our hotel. It took forever because they gave us … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 4: Bergen to Oslo to Alta

After our fjord trip, we ended up at Bergen airport, ready to catch our flight back to Oslo and then up north to Alta, where my friends live. We did have some decent seafood at the airport, of all places. I really liked Doug’s reker (shrimp) omlette. I had a shrimp risotto. So long, Bergen! Oslo is so nice and … Continue Reading →

Francaise Dinner Redux

I finally went through all the lovely photos that Beth took at the Francaise dinner in March and pulled out the couple of me I liked! The full set is available here: And photos for purchase here:

Jane Austen Ball

So last month we went to the Jane Austen Ball at Gadsby’s Tavern! It was super fun! I wore my formerly pale pink drawstring gown, which I had dyed a darker pink. Wver since I read Tom & Lorenzo’s complaint about how women who wear a color close to their own skin tone look like they are wearing a dress … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – July, Part 2

Flowers: Trump your cat! Bunny! We had lunch in Old Greenbelt and walking back to the car, we saw this baby squirrel who, when he saw us coming, laid down to eat his acorn. Too funny! We did another Disney Food & Wine recipe – a beef kefta pocket with hummus. The pita bread we got totally ripped to pieces … Continue Reading →