Glendening Nature Preserve Redux

Doug and I went back to Glendending Nature Preserve to get in a nice long hike, which we did, and this time we saw a couple different butterflies at the butterfly garden – a Nokomis Fritillary, and a black Swallowtail. At the start of our hike, we saw this guy across the path: Also this: Also two really impressive spider … Continue Reading →

JWST Telescope Structure

It was super exciting not long ago when a major piece of James Webb Space Telescope hardware came in to NASA Goddard. It was our flight “telescope structure” and this is like the bones of the telescope – it supports the mirrors and the instruments. And it’s the real deal, the one going into space! Here’s the giant packing crate … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 6: Hammerfest to Berlevåg

After our morning wandering around Hammerfest, we finally met up with the guys to hit the road to Berlevåg for their next two gigs. Here’s our last look at Hammerfest. I again didn’t know what to expect from the far north of Norway, but man was it beautiful. Reinsdyr! We stopped for lunch in Lakselv and had this pizza which … Continue Reading →