While Angela was in town, Doug and I met her, her family, and Stephanie and Mat out at Udvar-Hazy. It was a great excused to hang out with them and finally get back to Udvar-Hazy, since it’d been ages – and we’d not seen Discovery there yet. (Though we did see it fly over DC!) Here are some pictures! The … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – September, part 2

So – mid-September. My friend Koji asked me if I’d give a tour to friends of his who were in town while he was out of town. I’d heard that there were going to be two astronauts giving a talk that day as well, and Koji’s friends said they’d be interested. So I arranged to badge them in in time … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up to – September, part 1

So I’m still kinda in a bad mood from last week, so here’s some hopefully fun pictures from September. I’m still on my organizing kick – here’s when I went through our board games. I got rid of some old ones and put the ones we play in the cabinet here and the ones I wanted to keep less in … Continue Reading →

Riversdale Masked Ball

A bunch of us went to Riverdale House’s masked ball last weekend. The best part is the was able to join us since the timing with her DC vacation worked out! The ball was smaller than the 12th Night one and had light snacks rather than a full meal. It was really fun! That house is so pretty! Here are … Continue Reading →

Brookside Gardens

We had a beautiful mid-September day and I just couldn’t stand to be inside anymore! So I left work a little early and headed over to Brookside Gardens, somewhere I’d been wanting to get back to. It’s not super far from work, but I knew I’d be facing Beltway rush hour traffic to get home. Still worth it! I didn’t … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 10: Going Home

So, this is my last Norway post – well, next to last. I’m going to make an index page that links all the many many blogs I did. Ok, and I lied again because I might post a few of my husband’s pics that were of things I missed. He went running in a bunch of the different cities and … Continue Reading →

Glendening Nature Preserve Redux Cubed

Another beautiful weekend in September, another long 4 mile loop at Glendening Nature Preserve! We stopped at the Butterfly Garden of course! A common checkered skipper: A sleepy orange sulphur: A common buckeye: A sleepy orange sulphur: A pearl crescent, I think: And a tiny frog!

Norway Day 9: Oslo Museums and Parks and Dinner

We arrived at Oslo from Alta with no problem, got the flytoget to Oslo S, and checked into the same hotel we stayed in when we got to Oslo the week before. We got a much smaller room, but it was still very comfortable. Here’s the hotel: https://www.nordicchoicehotels.com/comfort/comfort-hotel-grand-central/ It’s right in Oslo S, and super easy to get to, you … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 9: Alta to Oslo

Our last morning in Alta – a beautiful day right before we headed to the airport. This is the view from our hotel window – I love that we could see Alta fjord and the mountains, as well as the Nordlyskatedral. Here’s the view as we took off from Alta as we headed back to Oslo: Then we saw this … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 8: Berlevåg to Finland to Alta

The next morning we met the guys at the Neptun Pub and packed up to go back to Alta! (I should note here, that while we were in delightfully temperate Berlevåg – weather in the 50s – at home in DC, they were having the hottest weather of the summer – temps near 100. It was awesome.) Here’s morning in … Continue Reading →

Norway Day 7: Afternoon/Evening in Berlevåg

In the afternoon, we tracked the guys down (they hadn’t left the Neptun Pub) and we managed to find out what they had going for the afternoon. There was a town festival including a “duck drop” (apparently NOT live ducks) and a hot dog eating contest. The guys had also ordered up a giant thing of reker (peel and eat … Continue Reading →

Explore @ NASA Goddard

A couple weeks ago, we held an Open House at NASA Goddard – it was 5 years since we last opened our doors to the public. It’s a huge undertaking, from the security standpoint, from the logistical standpoint (food trucks!), and from the entertainment standpoint. For JWST, we had Q&As from inside the cleanroom, an IR camera, and other related … Continue Reading →