Norway Day 6: Midnight Sun in Berlevåg

After the guys did soundcheck in Berlevåg, and we checked into our Pensjonat, we headed back to the Neptun Pub – this is where they were both staying and playing gigs for two nights. Here’s the English page for the Pensjonat (pronounced penshonat). They have rooms that have a shared bathroom and upstairs, apartments that have their own bathrooms. We … Continue Reading →

Okonomiyaki Pancakes

We got a subscription box from Try the World featuring Japan right around the time I picked out the Okonomiyaki pandake recipe out from our Food & Wine cookbook. So it felt like a sign that we should try it! The Try the World box came with a kit like this: It had nearly everything we needed. The Food … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – August, part 2

Since we’re into October, let’s finish off August! Let’s start with Koji’s birthday! Because we are horrible people, we torture our friend Koji (who hates Japanese pop culture in general and Hello Kitty in particular) with Hello Kitty birthday cakes as often as we can. This year was no exception. This cake was purchased on the way to Koji’s birthday … Continue Reading →