What I’ve Been Up To – December, part 2

In honor of Star Wars, here is Willow in her Princess Leia hat. She was thrilled. Aw! Here’s our tree – we added Doug’s old train around the bottom: Frozen ornaments: Star Wars: Willow is so happy to have more hats! Ok, getting a little Star Wras crazy! I bought this at the mall. Sunset! Another sunset: At our holiday … Continue Reading →

Christmas Shopping in DC

Doug and I went Christmas shopping in DC – Doug wanted to go to the National Geographic store, and we realized that was pretty close to Golden Brown Delicious, a hipster chicken and waffles and donuts place Angela recommended. So we checked it out. The host was nice enough to squeeze us in in the bar area (sorta – a … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – December, part 1

Here we go with December – I’m only a month behind now! My Christmas cactus is blooming again: More JWST mirrors: So I’m famous for disliking Subway, but I was looking for a change of pace on this day, and they had big signs advertising guacamole, so I decided to get Subway. Dave documented it. And of course, they were … Continue Reading →

Riversdale 12th Night Ball

A bunch of us went to the 12th Night Ball at Riversdale (which included supper) and it was as delightful as last year! I was going to make something new but I just wasn’t able to get enough time for it. But I realized I had a drawstring dress with a purple sari with peacocks on it, that I had … Continue Reading →

2016 Holiday Tea

This year’s holiday team had a fairly wide open theme, and since I was tired and stressed, and I just wasn’t in a mood for corsets or stays, I decided to go 20s. I have exactly one 20s dress (I need more!!) but I had bought a vintagey sweater and modified the belt to closer resemble the photo of 20s … Continue Reading →

National Harbor

So, during my week off between Christmas and New Years (omg, it was so nice, but I really could have used another week!), I met Doug for lunch at the National Harbor, which is only about 25 min from my house. They recently-ish put in this big ferris wheel, which is sorta tacky but also can sorta look cool at … Continue Reading →

2015 Books

Goodreads redid their Year in Review for books – I screencapped mine. I did read more than last year, so that was good!

How Stuff Works Video Shoot

My friend Holly came to visit me at Goddard with her film crew for How Stuff Works. We did interviews for a day (all of which were actually ahead of schedule and went extremely smoothly), and then intros/outros/interstitials the next. It was a really fun two days – and here are some pics! Blurry selfie of me and Holly: Interviewing … Continue Reading →

Photo Year in Review – 2015

ok, gonna try to do this, because I need to remember that 2015 didn’t totally suck. So here is just the good stuff. January One of the best things (which was a carryover from 2014) was Athena’s Daughters 2. I’m so proud of this antho and the amazing stories in it. And I’ve made some great friends from the authors … Continue Reading →

More Disney Food and Wine Recipes

I did a blog post with a bunch of these in one place. Here is our next batch. I’ve included links to online recipes where available. The others are in Disney Food & Wine cookbooks. Beef Mrouzia with Couscous, Morocco Pavilion, Restaurant Marrakesh Warm Chocolate Lava Cake with Baileys Ganache from Ireland. We had to make a few adjustments. We … Continue Reading →