What I’ve Been Up To – January 2016, part 3

Kitty was also sound asleep here, which was a little funny looking: Eyes open, out cold! Helping me sew: I framed Betsy’s awesome drawing of my sequel story to Lunar Camp. We had a nice dinner at Mastro’s Steak House in DC for restaurant week with Mike and Gloria. For restaurant week, all these pricy restaurants have special, prix fixe … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – January 2016, part 2

Willow napping with Left Shark: I believe this is JWST mirror #16: It was super cold and Alex and I both wore hats with ear flaps and took a goofy picture to commemorate it: With my girl: The guys made a fake Alex after he left for the day. It even has coffee. I think the right arm is a … Continue Reading →

National Harbor in the snow

We had a cold Sunday in January so we decided to go to the National Harbor for lunch, because I was craving a crab cake from The Crabcake Cafe, this place that is relatively new to the Harbor. I think they have my favorite crab cake ever. And we have tried a lot of them, because they are very much … Continue Reading →