Wine Country Wild Berry Cobbler

We bought another (non Food & Wine) cookbook at Disney and Doug made this berry cobbler (with drop biscuit top) and it was AMAZING. The biscuits were a little sweet and just perfect. So good. Recipe: Here it was before it went into the oven: Doug starting out the day:

Cherry Blossoms 2016

We made sure to catch the cherry blossoms in DC this year – they bloomed almost 2 weeks earlier than last year! We went on a week day just a day before peak and it ended up being just absolutely perfect weather. It was a gorgeous day. They had these so we had to take pics:

What I’ve Been Up To – April

Here’s April! I started things out (or ended March) with a norovirus that struck really suddenly and violently. I was SO sick. I threw up so badly that I broke all the blood vessels around my eyes. It was crazy. So bad. I’m not sure I’ve ever been that sick since I was a kid. 24 hours later I was … Continue Reading →

Francaise dinner 2016

I’m very belated posting about this, but better late than never. This March was the Francaise dinner! Stephanie, Gloria, and I hosted again, and we also again had it at Gadsby’s Tavern in Alexandria. Next year the torch will be passed to someone else, and we look forward to seeing what the next one looks like! And now, photos! Not … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – March, part 2

Doug and I met up with my oldest friend, Alicia (we’ve known each other since we were babies) for dinner in DC – we tried Ambar, which is a Balkan restaurant at Eastern Market. The food was amazing! It was small plates so we got to try a lot of different things. This was probably my favorite thing we had. … Continue Reading →

What I’ve Been Up To – March, part 1

How about some pictures? We start off on Leap Day. I walked into our little break room and saw that someone had done this to an old printer and made an homage to Office Space with the Goddard Godzillas: I thought… I can do better than this. I dug out my Office Space kit and fixed it. Click on the … Continue Reading →