What I’ve Been Up To – June, part 1

Ok, June!

Diane and her daughter came to visit work, and though I neglected to get a group photo, we had a very nice time!

We got to tour the new Satellite Servicing facility, which is super cool. They are working on a mission to robotically refuel Landsat -7:



They are also working on a mission that would be proof of concept for a technique to redirect an asteroid using the gravity of a small boulder, as well as retrieve the boulder and bring it back to the moon. cool stuff!

We have a visitors center tour guide at work who is super awesome, and because he loves it, knows a ton about JWST and has befriended everyone who works on it. So our team gave him a JWST jacket and a framed photo. It was so nice! That’s our photographer Chris (who took the photo DJ is holding!) :D

Willow’s typical spot in front of Doug’s computer:


This Greek festival had amusing signs on the lengthy gyro line.




To my knowledge, they were not employing sexist parking practices this year. And I have to say, that since they informed me that men were just biologically superior at parallel parking, I have totally nailed every parallel spot I have parked in.

Also, it was good that we went to this Greek festival this year because of this story.

So I was standing at a Starbucks at the Louisville airport coming back from Abbey Road on the River this year, when I recognized the ladies standing next to me. All of a sudden I realized they’d boarded the plane in front of me on the way to Louisville from Baltimore. And I realized I’d seen them on one of the lines at the ladies room at the festival. So I asked if they were headed to Baltimore, which they were. So we chatted for a while. They were in a different part of the boarding process, so I didn’t see them again. Flash forward to the Greek festival. Doug and I got on the dessert line, and I ran right into one of the two ladies! So crazy that basically I seem to run into her randomly on lines! So we chatted again and exchanged FB info so I could add her to the Guestbook for AROTR since she wasn’t on it, and it’s the best way to get info about the festival and get to know more people! So fun!



I’ll do a separate post on AwesomeCon but I’ll post about food here. We got to have dinner two nights in a row with Mike and Gloria that weekend, which was super fun! We took them to Zengo, which they had never been to before Saturday after my panel for work was done!


Zengo has a nice view of Chinatown:

Our fav charred tuna tacos…

Crispy shrimp tacos:

Fried tofu


Mexican chocolate tart

Sunday night we went to Graffiato, which I was excited to try because it belongs to Mike Isabella, one of the Top Chef chefs. The food was outstanding.


Crispy potatoes: balsamic, honey ricotta, pancetta

Roasted Cauliflower: green garlic romesco, mint, charred snap peas, pecorino romano

Gnocchi: pork ragu, whipped ricotta, crispy rosemary
(the gnocchi were perfect)

The Jersey Shore pizza: fried calamari, tomato, provolone, cherry pepper aioli
(This was so amazing, I’m still thinking about it over a month later)


Zeppoli – the chocolate dessert was good – but the zeppoli were amazing – they were not one bit greasy and were so light inside.

There was a fair we spotted on the metro ride home. Took this from the metro window the ferris wheel was so close!

If you remember Dave left for a different job because of losing Astro-H, though he’s still at Goddard, so we see him for lunch and stuff. So we replaced Dave with a plant. (ok, actually, the boys were just plant-sitting for Kristin.) But we are calling the plant Dave. As Don said as he walked past, “Didn’t mean to be rude, Dave, I didn’t recognize you without your hat!”

Here’s Dave on the phone:

With his coffee:

I gave this very nice artist (who does cool space stuff) and his wife and sister in law, a tour of work:

I also got to go to a women in aerospace meeting, which was made cooler by 2 things – Janine was coming up for the meeting, and Pam Melroy, our astronaut BFF was also there! Seriously though, she did the foreword for Athena’s Daughters and was one of only 2 female space shuttle commanders, so she is a total hero of mine. Plus, Janine!

I waited her to meet Janine – I could not complain. Starbucks in Chinatown was a really chill place to hang and read:

Janine and I went to Zengo for lunch – they had a different menu, but it was ok because they had bento boxes, and one of them had the friend tofu we both love so much. It was delicious!



here’s us with Pam:

I wore my American Duchess elizabethan shoes to the conference because they are cute and comfy! We both wore red(ish) sheos!

And let me tell you, this conference was up there food wise. The afternoon cookie break had genuine macarons!

And they had a happy hour afterwards with open bar, chocolate fondue, and hors d’oeuvres on pass around trays.

For my birthday, Doug and I went to Level in Annapolis. This was an interesting gnocci with mushrooms. It was probably my fav dish:

Though scallops are always good:

These were like tiny cuban sandwiches in egg roll wrappers:

This was a fried chicken thigh – this one wasn’t our fav. It was ok

lobster pasta, also ok

Tuna tartare:

Pot de crem

We did pass by Reynolds which looked like the 4th of July threw up all over it! Probably it was there from memorial day?

Afterwards we strolled down to the water in Annapolis and saw an amazing sunset:



I saw this umbrella in a window down there – want!

Also, I like this Hawaiian shirt with all the ukuleles!

Birthday Smores frappucino with cookie straw:

I forced Joe (classic) to go to Starbucks with me for our birthdays (which are a couple of days, and many years apart) for frappucinos. Since I had an extra free drink on my starbucks card, I bought it for him. As we sailed past the main Goddard gate (I had planned on taking the back gate because it was after 3), Joe is like “you missed the turn!” – in response I simply locked the doors. hee hee. I was like “I bought you a frappucino, I own you!” ;-)

Birthday berry cobbler before it goes into the oven:

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