On meeting Bill Nye the Science Guy and Robert Picardo

Here’s a really cool thing I got to do at work. My co-worker Laura was organizing a visit by Bill Nye the Science Guy to visit Goddard and do an interview with Amber, one of our scientists. I agreed to help her out for the day, since these visits are often a lot of work and logistics, and it’s good … Continue Reading →

Fort Fred and my Outlander Gown

I never posted this here, but I finished my Outlander “The Gathering” costume and wore it at Fort Fred to get some photos! You can read the full blog over here on my costume site: http://costumersguide.blogspot.com/2016/05/outlander-gathering-gown.html

Guest blog update!

My next travel blog about northern Norway is up! The full thing was split into three parts – this first was on my friends’ hometown of Alta. This one is about Hammerfest, and the last part is about Berlev├ąg! Part 1: http://norwaytraveller.com/finnmark-tour-alta/ Part 2: http://norwaytraveller.com/finnmark-tour-hammerfest/ Part 3: http://norwaytraveller.com/finnmark-tour-berlevag/